When I was a little girl my mom caught me in my bedroom accepting my Daytime Emmy Award for role on All My Children.  That's how long I've wanted to be a movie star. I have been doing theater my entire life. My first role was as a lion around the age of 6 years old. My first major production in a big theater was in the Children's Ensemble in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in 1994 at Mill Mountain Theater.  In 2000 I played Rizzo in my high school production of Grease. I went on to major in theater in college and performed in three shows while at George Mason University.

After college I moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue my dream of being on the silver screen. While living and working out on LA I did a lot of background/extra work on movies and television shows. You can see me in a few things...if you know where to look!  Some movies you can see me in Spider-Man 3, You, Me and Dupree, Knocked Up, and Transformers. Some television shows you can see me in are Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, NCIS, and 24.

Here are the links to some of those clips:
Scrubs: Season 6, Episode 3 Click HERE for the scene on Youtube - 1:16minutes
Spider-Man 3: It's the last scene of the movie. At 0:27 seconds into the clip I'm on the far right. My hair is up and I'm talking to a gentleman. Click HERE for the scene.
Knocked Up: It's famously called 'The Doorman Scene' where Leslie Mann is yelling at Craig Robinson (the doorman). I'm the first girl in the club line laughing my face off. Click HERE for the scene.
You, Me and Dupree: You can see me in the very last scene. It's once of the scenes you could miss if you leave the theater too early.  I was placed in the front row. You can't miss me! You can start seeing me 1:23 minutes into the clip. Click HERE for the scene.

I also have an obsession with buying movies. I currently own 326 DVD/Blu-Ray movies. I love the $5 spots at Walmart and Target. I LOVE black Friday after Thanksgiving. There's where I find a lot of my cheap deals.  Here's what my 'inventory' looks like:
     Action/Adventure - 51 movies
     Comedies - 108 movies
     Dramas - 105 movies
     Family/Animated - 26 movies
     Holiday - 24 movies
     Musicals - 12 movies
Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio are two of my favorite actors. I have 9 Sandra movies and 13 Leonardo DiCaprio movies. There are still some of their movies that I want, but don't have yet. I will only buy a movie if I know it's something that I'll watch repeatedly.  I still stick to that!