What Motivates You?

I see the Monday motivation hashtag a lot. Not much works to motivate me when I see those posts. Yeah, they are all great and stuff. Congrats to you! But they don't motivate me. They make me resent you. Hey, I'm just being honest. Those are just my own insecurities and fears that I'm working through.What motivates me are my own goals. Knowing that I'm going to be in a bathing suit in 10 weeks is motivating. Knowing that I will be a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding motivates me.

With these events coming up, I've started a 'let's get my butt in shape' movement. I leave for my family's beach trip in 9 weeks and 5 days. I'm still doing Weight Watchers. I decided to stop going to the meetings and just do the online program. I thought it would take some of the pressure off of myself. Plus, I started to feel resentful towards the other people. There would be all these people at the meeting getting bravo stickers for losing whatever it is they lost. Then there's me, just sitting there...the same weight or a little bit more. So, we'll see. I've been 'on my own' for 3 weeks now and I'm still hovering around 153/154. Here are my measurements from yesterday:

My goal weight with Weight Watchers is 140 pounds. I'd LOVE to hit that by the beach, but that's 14 pounds in 9 weeks and for me that's kind of unrealistic. I'm going to aim for a 1 pound loss a week. I'm posting food/meals on Instagram (follow me here). I have a tendency to dive into my meal and then remember to take a picture. I just started doing this today, so I've got breakfast, lunch and a snack up on the IG. 

I'm not a genius when it comes to weight loss or food. I have my struggles and I'm learning as I go. I know that WW works. I've lost 17 pounds. I can hit my goal weight. I know I can!