Holiday Decorations

Happy holidays! Are you one of those people, like me, who has had their decorations up since before Thanksgiving? I'll admit, I put mine up the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  I don't have a whole lot up this year. I'm moving in January and I didn't want to have to repack a lot of decorations. With the cats, I decided not to put up a Christmas tree. Check out what I did do ~

I love the colored balls I got at Target last year. They are so bright and colorful and really add a pop to the room. I'm really surprised the cats haven't knocked them over and played with them.

If you didn't know, I have a thing for snowmen :) They are just so cute! I have two dancing Hallmark snowmen on my short book case and then two more on each side of my TV cabinet. Oh, and another one on a shelf. I also have a snowman stocking holder... I just really like snowmen!

Since I didn't put up a tree somewhere I was desperate to find a place for my twinkle lights. I decided to put them across the top of my living room window. They are so pretty at night and give off just enough light.

I went to Michaels on black Friday. They were having an amazing sale! I found the rustic Happy Holidays sign there and it looks so nice with my twinkle lights.

Every year I set up my Fontanini Nativity Set. I love this!

I also decorated my office a teenie-tiny bit with the cutest little Holy Family you ever did see! I saw it at Lifeway Christian Store (love that place!) and couldn't pass it up. They are so cute! They sit right on my desk in front of my computer screen so I can see them every day!

How did you decorate for the holidays this year? 

Today I'm collaborating with Hannah over at Surviving Medicine. She is also sharing her decorations with you! You can find Hannah on Instagram as well at @hansla100.