Getting Fit with the 21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix set was purchased back in August. I gave it a go, but only lasted 4 days.  At the time I was still traveling a lot for work and it was just me doing the Fix. I was also not in a good state of mind, emotionally, with my own food issues to really be able to set myself up for success.

A girlfriend of mine from college is a Beachbody coach now.  She had seen some of my posts and knew that I had the Shakeology, but wondered if I did the DVD workouts and used the containers.  I told her I did and then she asked if I'd be interested in joining her challenge Ending the Year Healthy & Happy on Facebook.  I thought, why not?!  This time around I would have a coach that I have a personal relationship with. I also have a friend (K) that's local - actually lives in my apartment complex - that was interested in doing it too.  I felt like with a better support system (meaning other people doing it) that I would have better success this time.

On Saturday morning I weighed and then K came over and we took our before measurements and before pictures. These are good to help notice your progress at the end. Then we feasted on pancakes.  What? It's our 'last day' of food freedom! Haha!  I went grocery shopping and did some food prep on Saturday - cooked a few chicken breasts.

I officially started the 21 Day Fix on Sunday (12/4/16).  I started the morning off with my Total Body Cardio DVD work out and had a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and a banana.  I had my chocolate shake as a morning snack. Lunch was a yummy salad and dinner was a wonderful meal of tilapia, quinoa with sauteed red/green pepper and onions.  This week will be mostly the same when it comes to meals. My workouts Monday-Friday this week will be late night after rehearsal.

Something that is super helpful to me this time around is the 21 Day Fix app for my phone. It helps you keep track of all of the containers, your water intake, and your workouts. I'm loving the app! I'm also keeping track of what I'm eating. That way I know if something isn't enough or if I'm eating too much of something. You can also input your measurements and it does all the calculations for you!

Even though I'm only on day 2, I feel really good about this. Some people think I'm crazy for doing this time of year with the holidays and all the yummy treats that pop up everywhere.  I just have to stay motivated and honest with myself.

Have you done the 21 Day Fix? What did you think?