Currently I'm . . .

I haven't published a person post in quite a while, so I thought I would do a Currently post. This is a more detailed Currently that I found and really liked it. Check out what I'm currently up to and then tell me all about what you're currently up to! 

Reading… I was reading around 4 books recently. In addition to those I was trying to do 2 Bible studies! I decided to HALT and reevaluate!  I am now doing 1 Bible Study and reading The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis. I've always wanted to read The Chronicles of Narnia, so I finally bought the set and am starting at the beginning!

Watching… Game 6 of the World Series. The Cubs are currently leading 7-2 against the Indians. I'm cheering for the Chicago Cubs! I lived in Chicago when I was little, so of course I'm going to cheer for them.  My parents are from Ohio and my dad is cheering for 'The Tribe,' but my mom is cheering for the Cubs.  There's a little bit of tension in their house right now!

Trying… To stay off of Diet Coke. I was sick most of last week and didn't have Diet Coke for 5 days.  That's a long time to go w/o for someone who is used to drinking three 20oz bottles a day.  Today (Tuesday 11/1/16) was the first day I drank a lot of soda again. I really do like water a lot better. 

Cooking… Nothing at the moment, but for dinner Wednesday night I'm baking some chicken with a sweet potato and steaming some broccoli. Yummy!

Eating… I had pizza for dinner. I met a friend for dinner and we went to Benny Marconi's in Downtown. Giant slices!

Drinking… I just finished my evening cup of tea. I love my Trader Joe's Decaf Green Tea.

Texting… I have a constant group text going between myself and two other girlfriends. We say 'good morning' to each other each day and keep one another update on our goings on. I love them to death and am so thankful for their friendship!

Pinning… Mostly cat pictures...Pinterest seems to find a lot of those for me. Also makeup tutorials lately. 

Tweeting… Mandy Hale was doing a Q&A tonight about how she's on the Bumble dating app.  I follow her on Twitter and get notifications whenever she tweets.  I've been following along with her Q&A tonight and it was more interesting than I thought it might be.

Going… To bed soon! It's almost 11pm and waaaaay past my bedtime. Goooo Cubs!

Loving… My babies! Cosima and Helena are the best little kitties a girl could ask for. Our 1 year anniversary is coming up on December 1st. Yay for us!

Hating… All the politics right now. Thank the Lord that Election Day is next week.  

Thinking… About going to bed. It's after 11pm now. It's top of the 8th inning and the Chicago Cubs are still up 7-2 against the Cleveland Indians. 

Feeling… Really really good! I'm in a really good place in my life right now. My job is great, I am financially able to support myself, I have amazing friends and family around me... I really couldn't ask for anything more right now!

Hoping (for)… A great photo shoot on Saturday! I'm in the process of writing an article for Holl & Lane Magazine and with the article I'm to submit 2-3 photos.  I don't really have any updated photos that are not selfies I've taken myself, so I'm having a photo session with a friend of mine. He did my headshots back in 2010 and still to this day they are the best headshots I've had taken. It'll be fun!

Listening (to)… I'm slightly obsessed with Carrie Underwood's newest album Storyteller right now. I saw her in concert in September and I've been listening to her non-stop. 

Celebrating… 3 years of being sober on November 11th! I can't believe it's been three years already! It's been an amazing three years and I couldn't be more grateful for where I am in my life right now.

Thanking… Everyone that came to see the theatre production I was recently in. A big Thank You to Page to Stage Theatre Company for casting me in their amazing show! Twilight Gallery was so much fun to work on. It really got me back into the full swing of acting again. It challenged me and made me a stronger actress. 

Considering… Getting on a dating app. I keep toying with the idea. I download Bumble and delete over and over again. 

Starting… To get excited about moving in January! Yes, January - the dead of winter. I'm moving from my apartment complex to a beautiful condo in a fantastic neighborhood! I'm moving up in the world :)

Finishing… Up the year! Can you believe it's already November? Goodness gracious! I haven't been blogging very consistently this year, so I'm going to do the Looking Back at... post that I've done the last couple of years.