Being FitTastic

Last week I had a sudden hit of inspiration!

I had some girlfriends over a couple of Saturdays ago.  We enjoyed pasta, bread, chex mix, and ice cream together. Oh, and brownie bites!  After dinner we were all chatting about how we should 'get fit and healthy' together. You know how I'm always trying to eat better and work out. I'm always doing some sort of diet program whether it's the Whole30, the 21 Day Fix, or some Pinterest plan.

I was sitting on the couch Wednesday night last week and decided to start a Facebook Page called Being FitTastic. My hope is to connect with all of my friends and so many more, so that we can help motivate each other to eat healthy and to stay fit.

I am in no way a dietitian or a fitness coach. I am a big fan of the Whole30 and have tried the 21 Day Fix. With the holidays upon us I think we could all use the motivation.  Come follow along and like the Being FitTastic Facebook Page and let's work together!