Happy Halloween!

I hope you all have a magical, fun-filled, and safe Halloween!

October-ish Photo Challenge

Happy Hump Day everyone!  I hope your week is off to a great start.

Do you like doing Photo-a-Day Challenges on Instagram? I know I do! I started one on my birthday (#Es33rdyear), but I keep forgetting to post!  I've had a couple of 'catch up' days on Instagram. I thought a daily list of what I'm 'supposed' to be posting would help me remember to post. So, I came up with the photo-a-day challenge below and I hope you'll join me. 

I'm calling it the October-ish Photo-A-Day Challenge since it starts on October 5th.  Join me on Instagram with the hashtag #octoberishphoto and tag, @1hotredhd, me so I can see all your awesome posts.

Have fun posting!

The Wonder of the Ordinary

Happy Tuesday! You've made it past Monday :) I hope your week is off to a great start so far.  I received another Daily Reflection that I wanted to share with you today.  It really rings true for me about how we tend to overlook the ordinary in our lives.  I hope this helps you to thing of the ordinary in your ever day.

The extraordinary, the amazing, the phenomenon are daily glorified in the movies, the news, and on television. Our senses become bombarded. We become addicted to drama. The only things that get our attention are the big, catastrophic, knee-jerking events.

Take a closer look at your life, your everyday world, and the people and activities in it. If it were all taken from you in one moment, what would you miss? What sights, what sounds, what smells? Would you miss the view from your kitchen window? If you were never to see that scene again, would you nostalgically reminisce about it, wishing you could see it one more time, remembering how beautiful it was, and how much that familiar sight comforted you in your daily life?

What about those toys strewn about or the baby crying because he's hungry or wet? What about the sounds of the city you live in as it comes to life each morning? Or how about how your child smells after her bath? Or when she comes in cold from playing in the snow?

What about the way your friend smiles, or that little thing he says all the time that's not funny but he thinks it is, so you laugh?

Look closely at the ordinary in your life. While you're being grateful, don't forget to express pure, sheer gratitude for how beautiful the ordinary really is. We can easily overlook the ordinary, take it for granted. The sun rises and sets, the seasons come and go, and we forget how beautiful and sensational the familiar really is.

God thank you for every detail of my ordinary, everyday world.

- From More Language of Letting Go, by Melody Beattie

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