Star Stories

Starcropolis was an amazing event that took place over Labor Day Weekend.  It was a celebration of The Roanoke Star atop Mill Mountain in Roanoke, VA. Hollins University, Mill Mountain Theater, area community theaters, local high school theater groups, and so many more came together to put on this magnificent event.  Some of the things to see that night on the mountain were Star Trail Story Tellers, Stilt Walkers, an Aerial Silk Performer, slam poetry performers, Shakespearean performances, and then the Big Top Show!

Starcropolis had been in the works for nearly 2 years.  The idea was born from Ernie Zulia's and Katherine Fralin Waker's crazy imagination.  Hollins University is celebrating 175 years this year, so it was more than perfect to display our lovely Star along with it.  Writers from all over sent in their scripts and stories in hopes that they would be performed one way or the other.

There were nine Story Tellers (myself being one of them) and each story teller performed a monologue that was inspired by someone's memory of the Roanoke Star. The 'Big Top' show called Star Stories, was a 90 minute production of several different Star inspired put together to form one show.  All of the stories took place at the star in one way or the other.

I was fortunate enough to be apart of this amazing event.  My Story Teller monologue was inspired by Lew Singer's memory of the Roanoke Star when he and his wife were in the process of adopting their son. The Singers were there and I got to meet them. It was such an honor!

There were so any people involved in the making of Starcropolis.  Here are some more pictures from all of the fun we had!

The beautiful ladies on stilts.

Star Trail at sunset...

Our stage under the big tent on Mill Mountain.

The crowd before the show! Everyone really enjoyed themselves...all 500 of them!

I was also in two scenes in Star Stories.  The first one was called Hellos and Goodbyes. It was about a man named Morton who was having some troubles and thought that if he was able to take out the Star that things would get better.  The park ranger calms him down and helps him to see reason.  Then Amanda (that's me) comes along with some troubles of her own.

The second scene was called Next Year at the Star. It's about a mother (me) and her daughter, Debra, and they have taken in a little orphan girl for Christmas week. Let me just say that this scene takes place in the 1950's.  Mother and daughter take Midge, the orphan, up to the Roanoke Star for the first time ever!  I must say that working with these two little girls was such a wonderful experience.  They are super talented and super sweet.  

These amazing people were so great to work with! I look forward to much more theater with them all! The real star of the show however....

...Ernie Zulia! Ernie is an incredible person to work with. He's so imaginative and passionate and really care about everyone and everything!