September Goals

Let's recap my August goals, shall we?
  • Load the remainder of my photos onto Shutterfly
    • This did not happen! I totally forgot that I even wanted to do this. August turned out to be really busy, especially leading up to Labor Day weekend with Starcropolis happening. I'll put this project aside for now. It's the least of my concerns :)
  • Read 3 books
    • I read 2 books in August  Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and Supernova by Liz Long. Both are great. 
  • Finish my Bible Study
    • Sooo close, yet so far away. 
  • Lose 4 pounds
    • I lost 1 pound :) 
So, September might be a little more low key than August. I didn't realize how busy August was going to be and set my expectations too high.  My weekends in September are pretty busy with a beach trip, auditions for a new theater company, attending some theater, and the Extraordinary Women's conference. However, my weeknights should be pretty relaxed and allow me some wonderful 'me-time.'

September Goals
  • Read 3 books
    • I really want to try and get caught up on my Goodreads challenge. I started a little bookclub (for myself and anyone else who would like to join) called Red's Book Club. I've currently got a few books on my 'currently reading' shelf - What Would Audrey Do? (first official book of RBC), The Thing About Jellyfish, and A Light Between Oceans. If you're interested in joining my book club you can check it out here.
  • Finish My Bible Study
  • Clean My Apartment
    • It needs a good cleaning!
  • Begin to purge my Harry Potter closet
    • I'm moving into a new apartment in January and I will be losing some storage space. I'll need to go through what I currently have in storage and really think about what I'll need and what I won't need.

What are your goals for September?