H54F ~ Birthday Celebration

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are having a good day today. It's been a good, very busy, week here for me.  

I'm working from home today and my babies couldn't be happier about it! Helena is helping me work on my computer :) So sweet!

Remember how I was in Texas last week and how the hotel had an Alice in Wonderland theme going on? Here are some more pictures from that!

While in Grapevine, my coworker and I headed to the downtown area where there are some super cute little shops. I found this kitchen towel that says, "Cat Hair Both A Condiment And A Fashion Accessory" and it is sooo true! I love it and had to buy it!

Saturday night a bunch of us went to get dinner after the conference was over. One of the guys told them that it was my birthday. The staff brought over a sombrero and dessert and all sang to me. It was so fun! I loved it :)

When I got home from my trip my mom and dad helped me to celebrate my birthday. Mom made dinner and a birthday cake! We went and played putt-putt (and I won..woohoo!) and we all had a blast! On Tuesday when I got back to work, my coworkers had decorated my office.

I hope you all had a fabulous week.  What did you get into? Anything awesome and exciting? I hope you tell me all about it below!

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