A High Five For Friday

*Happy Friday*

I JUST BOUGHT TICKETS TO DIERKS BENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited! He's coming to Roanoke in October for his #somewhereonabeach tour.  He's so hot! Our seats are a little nosebleed, but I don't care! I've heard mixed reviews about his shows.  There's really not a bad seat in our civic center anyways!

I introduced my dad to SnapChat this week.  He's still learning to use it, but we had fun with some of the filters. I tend to play with the filters when I'm bored too...doesn't everyone? The funnies thing about these photos with my dad - in the picture on the right my dad doesn't look all that different! Haha!

My babies have gotten so big! It feels like it was just yesterday that I brought them home. They will be 1 year old on September 18th.  They are full grown cats! I don't think they'll get much bigger than they are now. Look at the difference! The picture on the left, from November, was when I met them for the first time while they were being fostered. They were so tiny! The picture on the right is from Monday. My sweet babies!!!!!

I am currently hooked on the television show Madame Secretary.  The first two seasons are on Netflix and I'm about half way through season 1. I absolutely love Tea Leoni - she is amazing!  Another show that I ended up LOVING is The Newsroom on HBO.  My brother introduced me to that one.  I just finished it up on AmazonPrime. I'm so sad there isn't more. Jeff Daniels was fantastic - the whole cast was fantastic!

I had lunch with an old friend on Friday. We went to Jack Brown's and got burgers. He's in the Peace Corps and was visiting in Roanoke for a week.  He heads to Rowanda next week. I can't begin to imagine all that he does when he's overseas. It is absolutely inspiring.

I'm heading to the beach today with some girlfriends. It couldn't be better timing! I woke up in a super grumpy mood today. I'm ready to get out of town after the busy couples of weeks I have had. Some down time with the ocean sounds pretty good right about now.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! xoxoxo

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