Red's Book Club

I've been in several book clubs over the years. Whether it's been a group of strangers that have become friends, an online community, or friends that want to read what Reese Witherspoon is reading (you can check out #RWbookclub here...there are some great books they are reading).

I have gone through all of my books and guess how many I own that I have not read yet!  96!!! I have 96 books on my bookshelf that are unread! Goodness gracious me that's a lot of books. If you look at it in dollars, it's somewhere around $1,000, if not more, sitting on my bookshelf. I'm a traditional girl and like holding a book in my hands. I'm starting to enjoy my Amazon Kindle app on my phone, but I'm pretty much a paperback kinda girl.

With that said, I have decided to start my own book club. I have enough books to last at least two years (that's three books a month).  I typed up all of my unread book titles and then cut them up into little slivers of paper and put them into a jar. I am keeping the little jar on my bookshelf.

When I'm ready to read a new book I will randomly pull a piece of paper from the jar. I probably saw this on pinterest some where.

I finished Supernova, Book 1 in the Heroes of Arcania trilogy (by Liz C. Long...check her out for sure). I pulled a sliver of paper out of the jar and the first book in Red's Book Club is What Would Audrey Do, by Pamela Keogh. You can follow along with what I'm reading on Instagram using the hashtag #RedsBookClub.


Who wants to read along with me?

The book following What Would Audrey Do? will be The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins.