Sunday Sweat Sessions Vol 1

Considering my boyfriend broke up with me last Sunday night I did pretty good with exercise. It was a good way for me to take my mind off of things and focus on myself. I worked out 5 days this week (most I've done in a long time) while allowing myself to wallow in delicious waist-line expanding food. That all ends now. Gotta get back to a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating!

Last week's work outs:
Sunday, July 17: Walked the Greenway - 2 miles in 50 minutes
Monday, July 18: Walked the Greenway - 2.2 miles in 60 minutes
Tuesday, July 19: Gym - 2 miles in 35 minutes
Wednesday, July 20: Gym - 2 miles in 35 minutes (my new goal to beat)
Thursday, July 21: Nothing
Friday, July 22: Gym - Treadmill for 17 minutes & Bile for 9 minutes (wasn't feeling it)
Saturday, July 23: Nothing

7/24/16 weight: 166.8 lbs (day one...a break up is always a good reason to start over)

I did some cooking yesterday - spaghetti squash and tomato sauce that will last me for meals all week. It's one of the only things I don't mind eating over and over again, because it's so good! I've got chicken for salads as well.

How was your week working out and eating right?