Sunday Sweat Sessions Vol 2

Last week's work outs:
Sunday, July 24: Walked the Greenway - 3 miles/1 hour
Monday, July 25: None
Tuesday, July 26: None
Wednesday, July 27: 15 Minutes on Treadmill & 3 part circuit (2 rounds w/3lbs)
Thursday, July 28: 20 minutes treadmill; 20 minutes bike; 10 bridges; 15 pushups
Friday, July 29: 10 Minutes on Treadmill & 3 part circuit (2 rounds w/5lbs)
Saturday, July 30: Walked the Greenway - 3 miles/50 minutes

I am so proud of my workouts! My goal is to get a workout in 5 days a week. I found a 3-part circuit in Women's Health and I started that on Wednesday and am really liking it so far. I'm doing two rounds of it right now and after doing it three times I'm upping it to three rounds. I did the third day of it today, so on Tuesday I'll add a third round while keeping the 5 pounds.

I'm doing okay with the food. This week wasn't too bad and some days were better than others. I'm starting to keep a food journal and tracking my calories. I was going to weigh once a week, but S told me track by inches. I measured today and will measure again in 4 weeks (I'll probably weigh again in 4 weeks as well).

How was your week?