Moving On...

My dear friend Mia over at The Chronicles of Chaos recently did a blog post on 5 Ways to Unwind.  She's got some great ideas! My personal favorite was the napping :) Her post gave me an idea for another post about moving on. Or trying to move on, anyways. Last Sunday my boyfriend and I broke up and it's been particularly difficult. I had a lot of very strong feelings for him (dare I use the 'L' word). It has not been easy.  There have been a few things that I have helped me through it, though.

Furry Friends
Thanks God for my babies! They have been the best cuddle monsters a sad girl could ask for. I think they could tell something was up the moment it all happened. Mommy doesn't usually cry so much. They are sweet and loving and curl up with me. It's wonderful!

Mia's dead on with this one. I slept quite a bit the day after the break up happened. I couldn't sleep the night before, because I kept thinking and over thinking about it. Napping is a beautiful thing!

Getting my butt off the couch (and out of bed) and on the treadmill has been helpful. Even before my relationship I was slacking on it. I need to keep busy or I go crazy overthinking things, so getting my feet on the ground and moving has helped.

Having a great play list is always a good way to release some energy. There are some great breakup songs out there! Spotify has tons of 'breakup' plays lists and I was able to pull from those to compile my own.  Sam Smith, Michelle Branch, Miranda Lambert, Joy Divison, even Enya!

I think I have some of the best girlfriends out there! They have listened to me cry and feel all the feels that I've been feeling.

Those are the 5 things that I have found most helpful this past week. Any other tips for me?