How Often Do You Clean?

Good Housekeeping is known for putting their 'seal of approval' on things.  They also have advice on how often to clean certain things. This is great and also makes me feel better about how often I clean and do laundry. Take a look ~

- I don't always make my bed, but I at least throw the blankets back up to the top. 
- I try to do the dishes on a daily basis. I hate having a sink full of dirty dishes. I have a dish washer, but tend to do a lot of hand washing. 
- I feel so much better about how much laundry I do throughout the week.  I can go home tonight and feel good about wanting to do more laundry! 
- I'm constantly wiping down the kitchen and bathroom sinks!

- This is stuff I was doing every couple of weeks, but now I plan on vacuuming a lot more often! I should anyway, with the cats. 
- I definitely change my sheets every week. Especially during allergy season.

- I didn't even think about cleaning my dishwasher. Guess I'll be doing that this weekend :)

- I'm pretty good on the time frame for the above items. I thought I was crazy to vacuum my mattress, but I guess that's normal!
- I do need to clean my balcony patio, though. It's full of cat hair!

- I rent, so I'm not going to worry about most of this

Did any of these suggestions surprise you? Do you have any cleaning tips?

SomeEcards Guide from Good Housekeeping