Happy Mother's Day

Not only is today Mother's Day, but it is also my momma's Birthday!

My mother is a woman like no other.
She gave me life
nurtured me
taught me
dressed me
fought for me
held me
shouted at me
kissed me
but most importantly
loved me unconditionally.

There are not enough words I can say to describe just how important my mother is to me
and what a powerful influence she continues to be.

Mom ~ I love you!

Happy Birthday & Happy Mother's Day!


Hey everyone! It's been a while, I know.  Besides writing a few posts in March about the movies I've seen and the very few books I've read, I don't think I've written anything substantial since February. I lost that blogging bug for a while and I think it's working its way back to me. I just wasn't feeling it. I found an Instagram challenge for May and thought I would join in on the fun. With that - allow me to tell you what I'm Currently up to :)

Dreaming . . . of consistent weather and summer. It's going to be a busy summer. I'm seeing the fabulous Stephanie (In Her Lens) while I'm in Kansas City in June. The following week I'm going to the beach with my family.  I have an 8K that I'm participating in at the end of June. July is pretty open. August I'm heading to NOVA for the 98*/O-Town/Ryan Cabrera/Dream concert. Me and my brother's girlfriend are dragging our men with us. Haha!  Then of course my birthday is the last weekend of August.

Drinking . . . good ol' diet coke! And water...but mostly diet coke.

Eating . . . ever since I started dating my boyfriend I've been eating my fair share of ice cream :) Vanilla Ice Cream with Reese Peanut Butter Cups...yum!

Listening . . . I have updated my Spotify playlists like crazy! I have so many and I keep adding more. I'm still in love with the Spotify Playlist: Top Christian Tracks. I feel like I'm so bad about making playlists, so I listen to so many of the already created ones. I'm finding some great music on here. My current anthem is Trust In You by Lauren Daigle. Love her!
Come find me on Spotify (Erica Musyt).

Loving . . . I can't believe my babies are getting so big! Especially Helena. I love my babies!

Reading . . . I'm still reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer - book 2 in the Lunar Chronicles. I'm also halfway through a bible study that I got at Lifeway Christian Store by She Reads Truth. The study is called Open Your Bible. It is amazing and I'm loving it so much! SRT is doing a summer study

Wanting . . . so badly to get the gym to be a consistent thing. I've done really well...this week! Haha! I hiked on Saturday, worked out Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I'm planning on going to the gym tomorrow morning as well as on Friday. On Monday the 9th a friend and I are starting a Spartan Couch to Sprint Exercise plan. Wish me luck! I'm determined to get the gym to be a habit that I can't live without.

Watching . . . Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful are both back on! Woohoo! My Sunday nights are fulfilled one again. Well, really Monday nights are fulfilled because I watch it all the next day online.

Wondering . . . what my future might look like. I know that God has a plan and that everything that is presented to me happens for a reason. I'm in such a good place right now. Work is great, my family is great, and I have an amazing boyfriend that I'm totally smitten with. I have amazing friends that I love so much! I look forward to whatever He has in store for me. It can only get better from here!

What are you currently up to?