I Have Cats, But I'm Not Crazy

If you follow me on Instagram, Snapchat (ldybggal), or read my blog regularly, then you know I have two precious adorable cats. Helena and Cosima are my babies. They are my 'children.' No they are clearly not humans, but they are living beings.

People call me a cat lady or even sometimes a crazy cat lady. But really, I'm a mom. I'm a mom to two adorable, sweet, little creatures that depend entirely on me to take care of them, just like children do from their parents.

I feed them every day.
I make sure they have fresh water every day.
I clean their potty every day.
When they don't feel good I can tell, because they act differently.
When they get sick I take them to the doctor and give them their medicine.
When I have to travel for work, I miss them terribly (thanks mom for the snapchats) and I know they miss me, because when I come home Helena goes crazy and rolls all over the floor at my feet.
When one of them gets stuck on top of the refrigerator, because she decided to be adventurous, I get her down.
I clip their claws (aka...their toe nails).
They have a bed time.
We snuggle.
They play.
The tend to get into trouble (fireplace...falling in the trash can...etc).

I love them to pieces and they are my babies!