Weekly Goals & #SaveMyHeart Update {2}

I weighed on Friday morning and was at 155.4 which is a 1.4 pound weight loss.  Not too bad for my first week.  I went to the gym Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday - doing cardio all three days.  I wasn't very good about keeping track of my food (writing it down), but I've also been really hard on myself too.

Wednesday was a very frustrating day at work from beginning to end. I used that as an excuse to eat poorly.  I tend to go to these extremes where I allow myself all or nothing when it comes to food. Moderation Moderation Moderation...I'm so bad at it, but it's my own fault.  I have to remember that I have the ability to make choices.  That is an amazing thing to have - the ability to make choices.  If only everyone was so lucky.  I'm going to take this one week at a time...one day at a time.

1. wear my fitbit every day - aim for 7,500 steps at least
2. hit the gym 5 times - between Saturday (1/30) and Friday (2/5)
3. eat breakfast each morning - it all starts here for me
4. drink 78oz of water every day - i've heard you should drink half of your body weight in ounces

start small...with small steps!

Also, I'm hosting a #LeoDiCaprioThon in honor of his 2016 Oscar nomination for The Revenant. It all begins Wednesday, February 3rd with Catch Me If You Can.