My Journey to a Better Self

By now I'm sure you have noticed the new design as well as the new tagline. The tagline was previously A Movie Star At Heart. I am and will always be a movie star at heart. Currently, though, I'm working on ME, so I changed the tagline to My Journey to a Better Self.  2016 is going to be MY YEAR! I just know it!

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Here's why 2016  is going to be my year . . .

I've talked openly on here about my health and fitness. The good stuff and the bad stuff. The struggles and the accomplishments. Remember how I did the Whole30 back in July/August? I did so great with that! I've tried several times to return to the Whole30, but have failed with each attempt. I went to the doctor for my annual wellness exam in December and found out that my cholesterol is really high. So high that I should be on medication. The doctor is giving me three months to get it down. I go back in March and it needs to be waaaay down by then. I have some work to do.

Last year I was so focused on finding a boyfriend. Right after the new year I joined eHarmony. Over the summer I was on Tinder. After my birthday I joined Match. I can definitely say I put myself out there. I dated in 2015 more than I had in a long time. However, I was so focused on finding someone to complete me or someone else to fill this void that I seemed to have. I wasn't taking the time to figure out what I wanted or what I needed. My mentor had me make a list of what 'sanity in a relationship means to me.' I made that list in November and the things on that list are really important. Until the person I'm meant to be with comes into my life, I am going to focus on myself spiritually and emotionally. Once I'm at peace, then the pieces will come together.

I've been saying for a loooooooooooooong time that this will be the year I am finally out of credit card debt.  Well, THIS WILL BE THE YEAR! I have a budget plan and I'm going to stick to it. It's going to be an extremely frugal year, but I feel more focused than ever. I have things I want to do (London, NYC at Christmastime with mom, a cruise) and if I'm in debt for the rest of my life, then I'll never get to do any of those things. By the end of July I should be out of credit card debt and then by the end of September I'll have paid my mom back.

Those are the biggest things that I'm focusing on this year. All of them are about ME and I'm totally okay with being selfish. I can't love anyone else without loving myself first.

I'm linking up with Mia & Vashelle for Write or Die Wednesdays. Next week will be more interesting than a personal essay ;-)

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