Meet My Babies

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably see all of the pictures I post of my little kittens. I adopted them on December 1st when they were just 10 weeks old and it was the best decision I ever made. I would like to formally introduce you to Cosima and Helena.

You're probably wondering where their names came from. I knew that I was adopting sisters from the start and I wanted to name them something fun. I thought about Themla and Louise at first, but then decided that I wanted sister names. I thought about Anna and Elsa from Frozen, the March sisters from Little Women, and so on and so forth. I even googled 'sisters in fiction.'  I was talking to my mom about it via text message when she texted me "sestras!" And then I was like, DUH - Cosima and Helena from Orphan Black. Let me tell you, they both live up to their namesakes!

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On Orphan Black Cosima is definitely a lover, not a fighter :) Helena is hell in a handbag! Helena is a trouble maker, just like my little Helena.  Helena is Ukranian-English and she calls her sister clones 'sestras,' so that's where sestras came from.  Cosima is happy and carefree and  really smart. My Cosima is a cuddler and the ultimate lap cat!

This is furry bundle of joy.

Cosima is a domestic long hair cat and is a silly little kitty. She sleeps on her back all stretched out. She'll also sit with her legs straight up in the air.  Cosima has a thing for my bra straps that I don't understand. When I'm in the kitchen cooking she follows me in there and cries when I'm not devoting my attention to her. She follows me around like a little shadow. Whenever I sit down it's not long before Cosima shows up and takes a seat in my lap.  Her fur is so soft and fluffy!

This is little hellion of a troublemaker.

Helena is a short hair domestic cat and my TV buddy. She loves to watch television with me. The photo on the left is us watching Once Upon A Time. I came home for lunch one day and we watched The Mindy Project and then she watched the New England Patriots game with me the other weekend.

She does tend to get into trouble...

I have a fireplace in my apartment that I don't use. I'd like to put fake flickering candles in there eventually. It's still sooty from the previous tenant and Helena got into it a few times. The first time was while I was home. I had to drag her out of it. She had soot all over her. So cute!  The second time (that I'm aware of) was while I was at work. I came home to find little kitty paw prints on the tiles outside the fireplace. At first I wasn't sure which cat it was, but then I saw Helena's little gray paws and the soot spot on her chin. She just now learned how to get onto the kitchen counter and has even made it to the top of the fridge. Helena also has a thing for paper - envelopes, mail, book covers, toilet paper, and paper towels.  Helena will chew on just about anything. She's chewing on my feet as I type.

Cosima and Helena love climbing into things and investigating! Baskets, bins, La Croix boxes, even the dishwasher.  When I'm doing laundry they climb into the dryer. They are so much fun to play with and cuddle with...

I could just watch them sleep all the time! They are so cute. Look at that top picture of Helena and her big hazel eyes!

They are the light of my life.  I have become a cat lady and I'm okay with that :)

Do you have furbabies?
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