Friday Feelings

I am having one of those days. I've had one of those weeks. I'm so ready for the week to be over. My mentor and I had a 'come to Jesus' talk...again...this week. I keep falling into old emotional habits that lead to my 'excuses' for eating poorly, not working out, etc etc etc. My mentor has given me some homework to do and that's going to be a big focus for my weekend.

When my mind over runs with thoughts that take up waaaay too much space in my head (coz the other person is most likely not wasting their time thinking about me) I turn to You Tube to make me laugh.

Tom Cruise lip syncing is amazing and makes me so happy :)

The Rock lip syncing to Shake It Off equally amazing! Such a big guy singing to such a tiny voice!

Then there is my anthem right now...Fight Song. This song totally speaks to me right now. I blast it in the radio and sing at the top of my lungs!