And the Nominees Are . . .

I'm sure you have heard about the great uprising that the Oscars are receiving due to the lack of color and diversity in the acting nominee categories. I didn't see Creed, Straight Outta Compton, Concussion, or Beasts of No Nation. I have nothing against those movies, I just haven't gotten around to seeing them. I wait for Redbox a lot these days. Hopefully some of them will come to Redbox before the Oscars on February 28th.

Anywho, I'm here today to share with you the 2016 nominees for the Oscars. They were announced last week on January 14th and they are everywhere on the internet, but I love being able to share them with you because I love movies so much! Without further ado, here are the nominees...

The Nominees For Best Picture Are -
I've only seen 4 of the 8 movies that are nominated (The Big Short, The Revenant, The Martian, and Mad Max). I think that The Revenant will take home this award. It's amazing in every possible way!

The Nominees For Actor In A Leading Role Are - 
I believe that Leonardo DiCaprio will take home this award. He was absolutely fantastic as Hugh Glass. He's way over due for winning an Oscar and I truly believe this will be his year. I'll be so sad if it's not.
PS - Even if Will Smith or Michael B. Jordan were nominated, I still don't think they would win. It's Leo's year!

The Nominees For Actress In A Leading Role Are -
I haven't seen any of these movies and I really hope they get to Redbox or I'm going to be making a crazy movie weekend at the movie theater. I really don't want JLaw to win. Brie Larson is getting all the hype for Room and I think she has an amazing shot at winning. 

The Nominees For Actor In A Supporting Role Are - 
Sly Stallone is the favorite to win, since he won the Golden Globe. However, Tom Hardy was fantastic in The Reverant

The Nominees For Actress In A Supporting Role Are - 
I haven't seen any of these movies either. I love Kate Winslet and the fact that she sent a selfie with no makeup to the director for Steve Jobs.  She won the Golden Globe for this role and I think she'll win the Oscar as well.

Here are some of the other categories and the nominee that I think is going to take the Oscar home:

Animated Feature Film - Inside Out
Cinematography -  The Reverant
Costume Design -  Cinderella
Directing -  The Revenant
Film Editing -  The Revenant
Foreign Language Film - Son of Saul
Makeup and Hairstyling -  Mad Max: Fury Road
Original Score - The Hateful Eight
Original Song - "Writing's on the Wall," Spectre
Production Design - Mad Max: Fury Road
Sound Editing -  Mad Max: Fury Road
Sound Mixing -  Mad Max: Fury Road
Visual Effects - Mad Max: Fury Road
Adapted Screenplay - The Big Short
Original Screenplay -  Spotlight

If you haven't seen Mad Max: Fury Road, then you should definitely check it out. It is an absolutely crazy ride. Literally.  It is non-stop. Visually it is amazing and I think that it's going to win a lot of the sound awards. If it doesn't, then I think The Revenant will take them. There are some categories that I did not include, because I have absolutely no idea about them.  You can see a full list of all categories and nominees HERE.

Who do you think will take home an Oscar?

The links below will take you to articles about that lack of color/diversity in the acting categories.

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