I'm Taking A Break

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If you haven't noticed I haven't been blogging very much lately. I've done a couple 'High Five For Friday' posts and two or three other posts, but that's about it. I just haven't felt motivated. I haven't even felt very motivated at work either, but don't tell my boss that ;-)

I signed up for NaNoWriMo thinking that it would give me motivation to write.  I haven't written a single word. Remember how I wrote that post about my over-commitment issues (here)? I have all these grand ideas for novels, movies, blog posts, but I haven't felt it at all. I haven't wanted to turn my computer on at home at all. I just sit there and watch television.  Even now I don't know what to say. Could this be writer's block? 

Whatever it is, I've decided to take an official break from blogging. I don't want to publish posts that are just fluff and I feel like that's what I would be doing right now. I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving and with the holidays upon us I feel like this is a good time to take a break all together. Mabye after the New Year I'll be back. Who knows! You can still follow me on Instagram (@1hotredhd) or Twitter (@ericamusyt). 

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xoxo ~ Erica

High Five For Friday!

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Happy Friday! November is half way over, can you believe it?! I started my #ImThankful2015 campaign last week, but have already been slacking on Instagram posts. Here's what I've been thankful for lately:

{one} I'm part of a book club that is strictly online, because we live in different states. We were discussing our October book, Misery. It was a great chat and I had a lot of fun. It was also my first time using the webcam on my computer.

{two} While I was in DC I got to see my brother. He picked a great Italian restaurant, Lupo Verde, and it was fantastic. We were able to catch up on life. Love ya bro!

{three} I also got to see my dear friend Marina. I love this girl. She's fantastic and I miss getting to hang out with her. We always have such a great time together!

{four} I am loving this fall weather that we are having. The leaves are changing and falling and so pretty!

{five} Have you seen Jane the Virgin? If not GET ON NETFLIX now!!!!!!! It's such a great show. Gina Rodriguez is fantastic as Jane. The writing is fantastic and it's so original. I can't stop watching it!

How was your week?
I hope you have a great weekend!

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High Five For Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I had quite the week of travel to and from Dallas, TX for a trade show.  I am glad to be home!  Halloween is here and gone and the holidays are on the way. I'm already seeing Holiday Christmas shopping commercials on television. CRAZY!  Let's check out the week we've just had, shall we?

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. I dressed up as Helena from Orphan Black and met up with my parents. A local theater was showing Rocky Horror Picture Show and had brought a comedic troupe in from Blacksburg. I twas definitely an experience. I'm glad I finally got to see Rocky Horror the way it's meant to be seen.
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My dear friend Liz had a book release at a fabulous local cupcake shop. She has an awesome book series called Donovan Circus and her fourth book in the series Ignited came out the last week of October. I am currently reading the first book in the series, Gifted, and I am loving it! Go check out Liz's page here. You won't regret it.
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I headed to Dallas for the first time this week.  They say that everything is bigger in Texas. Everything felt pretty much the same size..haha!  I sure did eat a lot though!  I got to meet my new director of sales (he starts with us on December 1st) and he's a really nice guy. I think he'll mesh well with the rest of the team here at the CVB.

{four} While at the conference in Dallas I got to meet Sherri Shepherd. She was one of our key note speakers.  We were able to get a photo op with her and she was so nice!
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On Wednesday I talked about being Thankful (full post here).  As much fun as travel can be I always enjoy coming home to Roanoke. There's nothing prettier than the Blue Ridge Mountains.
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I hope you had a fabulous week and that you have a wonderful weekend planned!

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Being Thankful

I complain a lot. Don't we all? It's one of those things you don't mean to do, but find yourself doing. You wake up with the intention of having a great day, then on your way to work some a-hole doesn't use a turn signal and screws up the traffic pattern.  See what I did there?

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away I want to be more thankful. I had a great mentor when I was still living in Washington, D.C. who had me think of three things that I'm grateful each day. Sometimes I let the negative things consume me too much and I forget about all the wonderful things that happen.

With today being November 4th, I'm already a few days behind. I'll be posting what I'm thankful for each day starting tonight on Instagram.  Make sure to follow me here at @1hotredhd.  Here's some catching up ~

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Sunday, November 1st
I am grateful for wonderful company. A friend of mine came over Sunday evening just to hang out. We watched a little TV, I packed for my Dallas trip and then I made us a yummy dinner. It was very relaxing and comfortable and just fun.

Monday, November 2nd
I am grateful for the super sweet flight attendant who gave me a bag of chex mix for FREE!  I was sitting in the very last row of the airplane and was starving by the time the beverage cart came around. He heard me ask about the price of snacks and he just dropped the bag of chex mix on my tray.  Thanks dude!

Tuesday, November 3rd
While at the Rejuvenate 2015 trade show I was honored to hear Beck Weathers speak about his experience climbing Mount Everest.  You might be familiar with the movie Everest that is out in theaters right now.  Beck is one of the men in that story and one of the survivors of that climb and he told us his amazing story. I'll share more about this life threatening encounter on Monday's post, but it was incredible. It makes you grateful for waking up each day!

Starting tonight, for the remainder of November, I'll be posting what I'm thankful for each day.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram - @1hotredhd. I'll be using the hashtag #ImThankful2015. Please join in with me if you like!

Each day is a new experience and you'll never know what you'll find! 

3 Inspiring Ted Talks

You guys know about my health/fitness journey and battle with food. You also know about my 'love' of challenges and over-committing myself. I found a few Ted Talks that I wanted to share with you.

Back in 2010 Jamie Oliver had a television show called Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. He traveled to Huntington, WV.  In 2008 Huntington was found to be America's unhealthiest city by the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention based on adult obesity rates and related diseases (here). In his Ted Talk, Jamie tells the audience about the amount of sugar kids are eating in schools as well as the lack of knowledge kids have these days about vegetables. Take a look -

You know how I did that thing called the Whole30? Well, Matt Cutts challenges himself with a new 30 day challenge all the time. Photo challenges, No- Sugar challenges, and so on.  He says that you can start a new habit or quit a bad habit in just 30 days.
Check it out -

You guys know how much I love my challenges :)  I love writing about them and making my challenges known. I always thought it was a great way to hold myself accountable. Derek Sivers thinks you should keep your goals to yourself.
Here's why -

I found Matt and Derek's talks pretty interesting. I know all about the '30 day' notion and this time I'm going to take Derek's advice and keep my goals to myself. November is going to be a good month. I can feel it.

What do you think?