High Five For Friday

Happy Friday!

It has been a heck of a week. Sooo much rain this weekend, but we made it through and the sunshine has returned...for now :)

{one} with all of the rain I needed a new umbrella. I got mine at Target for $14.99 and I love it! It's the perfect size for me and it's bright and colorful.
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{two} On Sunday mom and I went to the Berglund Center to see Miranda Lambert live in concert. She was great to see live. I lvoe going to a concert and the artist being able to step back from the mic, because the audience knows all of the lyrics.  The was the case with Automatic. It is probably my favorite ML song.
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{three} It's been a crazy week with work. We have a client in town visiting and all of the shenanigans for that began last night. We took her to Carlos Brazilian Restaurant for dinner last night and then had a chocolate tasting with chocolatepaper. It was sooo yummy!  Tonight we are showing her around Roanoke and the different hotels and facilities we have to offer, then we are off to the Virginia Tech football game. We are in the President's box, so even if it rains, we will be all set!

{four} Mom, I found my comb! It was on the sidewalk in Grandin. Wait, that's not mine. That belongs to the giant in the sky!
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{five} Have you watched Blood and Oil yet? If you haven't then you need to. I love it and am totally hooked! It's a total night soap, but I love it!

Tell me how your week was below! I'd love to hear from you.
I hope you have a fabulously fun weekend!

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