High Five For Friday

I cannot begin to tell you how ecstatic I am that it's Friday. I'm not sure why, but I've felt a bit slumpy this week. I haven't been eating all that great lately (yes, that means carbs!), I've been spending a wee-bit too much money, and have I mentioned that dating is exhausting? Especially when...well, I'll get to that in a later blog post.

Here's a run down of some positivity that did come my way in the past seven days . . .

{one} This past weekend a meeting planner from North Carolina came to Roanoke to check it out. We showed her the town! It was a crazy busy fun weekend. We went to the Taubman Museum of Art for a tour of the facility and the galleries. On the third floor terrace you can see the Roanoke Landmarks - H&C Coffee Sign, Dr. Pepper Sign, and the Roanoke Star on top of Mill Mountain (it's itty bitty from here). I love the city I live in!
 photo Taubman Terrace_zpsqv199vpb.jpg

{two} We attended the Virginia Tech Hokies football game last Friday night. We were guests of the school's President! The seats in the President's Box were amazing! Thank the Lord we were in there, because it started to down pour! The Hokies beat NC State...everyone left happy.
 photo 10.09.15 08_zpst576uu60.jpg

{three} I saw The Martian on Saturday night and it was AMAZING! I highly recommend this movie. It is Matt Damon at his finest. I feel like it's been a little while since he's done a movie. The casting and cinematography were fantastic. If you get a chance to see it in the theaters, then do it!
 photo THE-MARTIAN-movie-poster2_zpsjwyapneo.jpg

{four} Since I worked over the weekend I was given a half day on Monday. I took complete advantage of the morning and got my butt down to the Greenway. It was so beautiful and the temperature was perfect.
 photo Greenway_zpsxekdbzbg.jpg

{five} On Tuesday the new Nicholas Sparks book, See Me, came out and I had to buy it immediately! The same day I saw on Twitter that Gretchen Rubin had released a Better Than Before: A Day-To-Day Journal. Of course I got that while I was at Barnes and Noble too! There were also a couple magazines I felt the need to get :)
 photo New Books_zpsfij77maf.png

What did you get into this week?
Please share and tell me all about how your week was!

See you soon and have a great weekend!

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