High Five For Friday

Happy Friday!

I hope you are having wonderful weather. It's just a bit wet here in Roanoke. With Hurricane Joaquin stopping by the east coast to say hi, we are in a flash flood warning! We are likely to experience flooding, power outages, and high winds.  It should be a fun weekend!

{one}  last weekend my parents came over for an Orphan Black Season 3 marathon. I had recently purchased season 3 on DVD. I'm a HUGE fan and I got mom into it as well.  We finished the first four episodes. Mom and dad were over until 11pm (that's late for them). Maybe this weekend we'll be able to get some more episodes in :)
 photo Orphan Black Marathon_zpsddxiusc3.jpg

{two} I started another round of the Whole30 yesterday, so on Tuesday I took myself to lunch at Jack Brown's.  They have some of the yummies and funnest hamburgers.  I got the Greg Brady with french fries.  You are seeing bbq potato chips and macaroni and cheese on the burger. It is so good!
 photo greg_zpsq0jd56ko.jpg

{three} On Wednesday there was a big event for a large international conference that's in town. As a sponsor, my work co-hosted a "Welcome To Roanoke" event.  We had tons of delicious vendors come out (including Jack Brown's). One of my favorites was Bubblecake Bake Shop. There were 1,000 tiny cupcakes. So yummy and cute!  We ended up bringing four boxes back to the office!
 photo Bubble Cake_zpscgnkpok8.jpg

{four}  Yesterday, October 1st, the third issue of Holl and Lane Magazine live online. I'm one of their regular contributors and handle the movie department :)  This issue's movies are highly quotable so make sure you go check them out!  "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!"
 photo 10 Quoatable Movies_zps1lqdoyhz.jpg

{five} In preparation of the hurricane effects I went to the grocery store right after work. It wasn't raining yet and I really didn't want to have to deal with getting groceries in the rain this weekend. Guess who I ran into at the store?  That's right, my momma! This is just one reason why I love being back home. 
 photo Grocery Store_zpsp57bfxsa.jpg

Tell me how your week was below! I'd love to hear from you.
I hope you have a fabulously fun weekend!

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