31 Day Spending Freeze: Day 1

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Lately I have been a little to cavalier with my money.  I've been getting shellac manicures on a pretty regular basis and I have been eating out a lot. I just haven't been frugal at all.  For the month of October I have decided to go on a spending freeze.  The goal is to only purchase what is a necessity for the entire month.  I am hoping to be doing a little dance like Alison and Donnie are here.  Granted I'll be doing the money dance alone, unless of course I suddenly meet my husband in the next 31 days!  Oh and mostly just the money and glitter...no spanking of myself.  Anyways . . .

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Here is what I will not be spending my money on:

Beautifying - I will not be getting manicures, pedicures, or my hair done.  My nails need to breathe and my hair doesn't really need a cut right now. 

Books/Journals/Writing Supplies - I don't need to buy any books.  I have sooo many at home that I haven't read yet.  Luckily I already have the October book club selection.  I can always go to the library if I felt the need to.  Lord knows I don't need anymore journals or planners or pens for that matter.  I'm stock full!
  Exception - My friend Liz is having a book signing on October 31st and I'm going. I might buy a the remainder of the series that she wrote.

Clothes - I haven't felt that into shopping lately anyways, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Entertainment - I went as far as to put my Netflix and Hulu accounts on hold for the month. They are not a necessity. I can rent movies/tv shows from the library or I can read!  This also applies to Spotify and iTunes, Red Box, and going to the movies.
  Exception - to see Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 30th. I have always wanted to see it and I'm so excited!

Food - I will not be dining out.  All meals will be provided by me and made in my kitchen.  Now, if I go out on dates and they pay for me I'm not spending money, so that's okay.  When I go grocery shopping I will stick to my list and get only what I need for the week ahead!
  Exception - a friend of mine is coming into town the middles of the month. I haven't seen her in a year, so we might have a meal together. I will keep it under $20!

The spending freeze is my biggest goal for October!  Allowing for the three exceptions, I think I'll do pretty well.

A couple weeks ago I posted about a couple of other goals and I thought I would touch on them real quick (full post here).

Less Sweets & Lose 5 Pounds
Ever since I finished the Whole30...you're probably sick of hearing about that...I have just gone down hill with the food. I've been better than I ever was before, but some of my old habits pizza and sweets have returned. I've decided to do the Whole30 again. I've already Whole30-proofed my kitchen and home. The Halloween candy I had in my candy dishes were brought to work. I will be making the pumpkin bread mix I have over the weekend and bringing that into work.  I've gained weight back, I'm waking up with swollen fingers, and a few other things I'm going to keep to myself.

Read 2 Additional Books by October 31st
This is definitely a goal of mine. I'm only 4 books away from my 2015 goal. Book club is reading Misery this month and then I also want to read Gifted in time for my friend's book signing.

Wish me luck! I'm determined!

Do you set goals for yourself?
Do you have any goals for the month?

***I just found out about 31 Days: a writing challenge every October, every day and I thought my 31 day spending freeze would be perfect for it.  Every day I will incorporate some sort of update on my freeze and see where I go with the topic in general. The idea, as a writer, is to go deeper into the topic you choose.