Decorating for Fall

 photo Fall Decor_zpsq5rrpk9i.jpg

I love this time of year. The fall weather, despite the rain, is fantastic. It's cooler, crisper, and oh-so colorful! We've been getting quite a bit of rain lately, but I don't mind it. We need the water!  Now that it's officially autumn (as of September 23rd), fall is in full swing. My decorations are up and I am loving them! Take a look ~

When my mom and I went up to Northern VA a few weeks ago we made a Trader Joe's run. TJ's is absolutely one of my favorite places in the fall. They have an amazing selection of pumpkins (all sizes). I love the carving pumpkins, tiger striped pumpkins and gourds. I found this pumpkin with a curly-q on the stem and I knew it was my pumpkin!
 photo Pumpkin_zpskwogwyha.jpg

You'd be amazed where you can find cute little things. I went to my local Kroger store and found this little bat . . .
 photo Table 03_zpsguo34j9s.jpg

. . . and I found this candy dish at Target.
 photo Table 02_zpsxvhycrkt.jpg

Together with a tiny tiger striped pumpkin and my TJ's pumpkin, I have a lovely display on my table.
 photo Table 01_zpsgvayanli.jpg

 photo Table 04_zpsrgrt4drs.jpg

My mom and dad surprised me with the cutest little candy dish. I got so excited when I found him on my coffee table. He's so freaking cute!
 photo Ghost 02_zpslehkejky.jpg

 photo Ghost 01_zpsmpdz1p7k.jpg

Have I mentioned my new obsession with gourds? They are so pretty and colorful! I bought a bag of gourds, tiny orange pumpkins, and tiger stripe pumpkins at Walmart. I got the pretty clear bowl from Target and voila! you have a lovely table decoration.

Last, but certainly not least, is an oldie of mine! I have a fun little vampire kitchen towel that I absolutely love. I've had it for years and bring it out during this time of year. I mostly use it for decoration.
 photo Dish Towel_zpsw0ca6qth.jpg

It's halloween time, so I can't forget the candy!
 photo Ghost 03_zpszcup7oor.jpg

 photo Table 05_zpsr4e9brco.jpg

How do you decorate for fall?