Decorating for Fall

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I love this time of year. The fall weather, despite the rain, is fantastic. It's cooler, crisper, and oh-so colorful! We've been getting quite a bit of rain lately, but I don't mind it. We need the water!  Now that it's officially autumn (as of September 23rd), fall is in full swing. My decorations are up and I am loving them! Take a look ~

When my mom and I went up to Northern VA a few weeks ago we made a Trader Joe's run. TJ's is absolutely one of my favorite places in the fall. They have an amazing selection of pumpkins (all sizes). I love the carving pumpkins, tiger striped pumpkins and gourds. I found this pumpkin with a curly-q on the stem and I knew it was my pumpkin!
 photo Pumpkin_zpskwogwyha.jpg

You'd be amazed where you can find cute little things. I went to my local Kroger store and found this little bat . . .
 photo Table 03_zpsguo34j9s.jpg

. . . and I found this candy dish at Target.
 photo Table 02_zpsxvhycrkt.jpg

Together with a tiny tiger striped pumpkin and my TJ's pumpkin, I have a lovely display on my table.
 photo Table 01_zpsgvayanli.jpg

 photo Table 04_zpsrgrt4drs.jpg

My mom and dad surprised me with the cutest little candy dish. I got so excited when I found him on my coffee table. He's so freaking cute!
 photo Ghost 02_zpslehkejky.jpg

 photo Ghost 01_zpsmpdz1p7k.jpg

Have I mentioned my new obsession with gourds? They are so pretty and colorful! I bought a bag of gourds, tiny orange pumpkins, and tiger stripe pumpkins at Walmart. I got the pretty clear bowl from Target and voila! you have a lovely table decoration.

Last, but certainly not least, is an oldie of mine! I have a fun little vampire kitchen towel that I absolutely love. I've had it for years and bring it out during this time of year. I mostly use it for decoration.
 photo Dish Towel_zpsw0ca6qth.jpg

It's halloween time, so I can't forget the candy!
 photo Ghost 03_zpszcup7oor.jpg

 photo Table 05_zpsr4e9brco.jpg

How do you decorate for fall?

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday! We've made it through another week. Fall has officially arrived along with the premiere of our favorite fall television shows. I haven't gotten to watch any yet, but I will be lounging on my couch this weekend catching up! How has your week been? I hope it was fantastic!

{one} It's been a very emotional week for me.  I have been watching Sons of Anarchy for a while now and just finished the series this week. It's over for me now. No more Jackson Teller or the Sons. The Season 6 finale crushed me and the Series finale crushed me even more! Such a great show!
 photo SOA Finale_zpspd16ruon.jpg

{two} Fall is here! It's my favorite season. Pumpkins and pumpkin flavor. Apple Pie! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it's one of my favorite holidays. The cooler, crisper weather and boots and sweaters...! Love it!
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{three} You all know how I feel about Taylor Swift :) A friend of mine shared a Todrick Hall video called #4Taylor on Facebook and it is AMAZING! YOu should follow his YouTube Page, because it is full of phenomenal videos. Another example would be The Wizard of Ahhhs featuring Pentatonix. So good!

{four} I got to have lunch with my new friend Laura. We met through Junior League and discovered that we work in the same building. We've been taking full advantage of our neighboring.

{five} I've been thinking a lot about going back to school either next fall or spring of 2017. I've been wanting to take some writing classes for screenwriting as well as short stories. I've also thought about going back to become a substance abuse counselor. Lately I've been thinking about nutrition. A really good friend of mine decided to go back to school for nutrition and she is loving it! With all of the books I've read in the last few months about health, weight loss, and the food we are putting into your bodies I still crave more knowledge.  Health/food is always a topic of conversation with me and my mom, simply because it's something that we have in common and it interests us. After completing the Whole30 and then going back to a "regular" diet and seeing how my body reacted to all of it I can't help but want to know more. I picked up the book It Starts With Food and started it the other night. It's written by the same people that wrote the Whole30 and the reference ISWF a lot in the Whole30. We'll see where I fall when that time comes around.

Tell me how your week was below! I'd love to hear from you.
I hope you have a fabulously fun weekend!

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High Five For Friday

Happy Friday! I've been traveling a lot for work the past few weeks, so I haven't been able to do a #H54F.  There isn't anymore traveling until November, so I can get back into my blogging. Yay! Let's get to it, shall we?

{one}  I found out about  Lit Cube -  Surprise Boxes Filled with Awesome Book Geekery - and was super excited. The August  box was a Wizard of Oz themed box. I had to have it! Opening the box was like Christmas in August. There was a fabulous origami necklace in the shape of a heart that says Wonderful Wizard of Oz all over it; a great book mark that looks like the Wicked Witch of the East's legs with the ruby slippers (ya know, as the house fell on her in munchkin land?); a lollypop; a great new book and a few more things.  I love it!
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{two} As I mentioned above, I've been traveling a lot for work. Last week I was in Norfolk for a trade show. On one of the evenings the Norfolk Convention & Visitors Bureau hosted a dinner cruise. It was awesome! Richmond, VA had a photo area set up on the second floor.  The cruise took us around the harbor during sunset and we saw a few dolphins jumping in the water.
 photo Norfolk_zps4f4kzflq.jpg

{three} On my way home from Norfolk I stopped in Richmond to have dinner with the fabulous Sadie. We went to a great restaurant called The Boathouse. Every item we got was fantastic - the calamari, salmon, apple crip! You have to check it out if you're ever in that area. Plus, the restaurant has an amazing view of the river and the city skyline.
 photo Sadie Richmond_zpscxj5xo1d.jpg

{four} This past weekend I went up to northern Virginia with my mom. We visited with my brother and his friends, had a fabulous time at their house, and got some shopping in. On our way out of town Mom and I stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. You've been there, right? I hope so. If you haven't then YOU'VE GOT TO GO! The biscuits are amazing. We got some apple butter with them. So yummy!
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{five} Back in June I was assisting with an event for work. I was on my feet for about 2-3 hours in really bad sandals. Later that same day I was volunteering with our Pinball Museum for their grand opening. Standing on my feet, in the same crappy sandals for another three hours. Three months later I go to the doctor, because my heel still hurts. Turns out I have plantar fasciitis.  I tore the tissue that connects the heel through the arch to the toes. I bought these awesome flip flops that have crazy cushion and arches. I also bought brand new tennis shoes and stiff arch support to go in them.  I have to wear something with an arch for the next four weeks. I can't even get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom without a shoe on. Super fun!
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How was your week?
Any fun plans for the weekend?

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Upcoming Goals

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I haven't talked about goals in a while and  I think it's time to start setting some. I do really well when I hold myself accountable. At the beginning of September I decided to do another round of the #Whole30. I also talked about how I've been watching too much television (read the post here) and wanted to read more. I thought I'd update you on those three items and then tell you about my October goals.

#1 Health and Melness
I completed the Whole30 on August 24th. My birthday was a few days later and I went whole hog on the foods I'd been missing out on. You remember that 9.6 pounds I lost? Well, I gained 3.8 back. Groovy right? Not. So. Much! All that hard food-work I did and then I threw it all away. I felt it too, believe me! It was a bit of a roller coaster for my tummy. I thought about doing another round of the Whole30 starting the beginning of September, but that didn't keep.

My girlfriend, Melanie over at Health and Melness, is challenging herself for one year.
   For one year, beginning September 16, 2015 at 12:00:01 a.m., I challenge you to keep ME motivated. I want to focus on my health this year, on being active, and of course having         FUN. I want to do one healthy, active thing each day for one year.   So what does this       have to do with you? And what are these big rewards?

   Here's how this is going to work:
   For every day that I complete my workout, I'm putting $.50 into an account.
   For every day that I miss a workout, I'll put in $1.

   Your part:
   Sign up on the calendar below (or send me an email: to sign up).    Pick a day, any open day, and put your name and an activity. If YOU don't do the       workout that day, you owe me $2 for the bank. If you are going to be nearby, let's workout together!

 photo New Shoes_zps26hxx7ec.jpg
*I tossed my old tennis shoes and bought new ones*
I'm in it to win it with Mel! I started yesterday with her and did my work out in the morning. I was at the gym again this morning and will be there tomorrow. Let's do this!

*September Goal to Complete: Get back under 150lbs by September 30th.
*October Goal: Less sweets and lose 5 pounds by October 31st.

#2 Watch Less Television
I did a post at the end of August about how I was watching too much television. I put myself on a LessTV30 diet. That didn't work so much. Sons of Anarchy took over my Netflix account and I #cantstopwontstop! I'm almost done with the series (two seasons left). After that I'm going to cool it a bit, but fall TV comes in and I'm not going to deprive myself. I'd rather give up candy ;-)

*September Goal to Complete: Pick a book, stick to it, finish it by September 30th.
*October Goal: Read 2 additional books by October 31st.

#3 Money Freeze
 photo October Money Freeze_zps3ni1wabc.jpg
I have been spending too much money. I proclaim a Money Freeze for the entire 31 days of October!

Here's what I won't be spending my money on:
Movies - This includes Redbox and the $5 movies at Target/Walmart. With Fall TV premeiring soon and all the good stuff that Netflix is releasing online I hopefully won't feel the need to spend the money.  Check out what is new to Netflix in September.
Books - I have more than 50 books at home that I haven't read. WHY AM DO I KEEP BUYING BOOKS? Oh, yeah, because I love them :)
Journals/Planners/Office Supplies - I have a box full of blank notebooks and a plethora of office supplies. Are you aware of my problem with following through with a daily planner. Haha! I'm really going to try and not buy a new one until January.
Dining Out - I will be eating all of my meals at home.
Clothing - I'm not a big shopper when it comes to clothes, so this one shouldn't be to difficult.

*September Goal to Complete: Follow through with the plans I have for the rest of the month as well as what is already on the books for October (mani/pedi on Oct 2nd), but make no more!
*October Goal: Buy only the necessities I need - food, gas, toiletries...THAT'S IT!

Are you setting any goals? What motivates you?

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Birthday Giveaway!

Happy Happy Birthday to my fabulous friend Krysten.

To celebrate her birthday Krysten, myself, and some fabulous other bloggers are hosting this amazing giveaway!

There will be TWO lucky winners for this giveaway. Want to know what you're getting?

First prize up for grabs is a mystery bag from the birthday girl, Krysten. The bag is valued at $100 and holds some of her favorite things, including nail polish, candles, and maybe even something from Sephora! Who knows, but you're going to want to win this!

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The giveaway will be open for a week, so make sure to sign up!

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Going Home

           After paying the taxi driver Anna headed towards the front door of her uncle's ranch. She hadn't been here since she was a kid.  Anna had fond memories of summers spent here with family. This is where she learned to ride a horse. This is where she had her first kiss. All of that changed when her mom passed away. Her father couldn't stand the thought of coming back here, so they stayed away.  Funny thing was, after everything that had happened the day before, all Anna could think about was being on the ranch. She needed a place that felt like home. As much as she loved New York there was always some part of her that yearned for more. Maybe yesterday was a blessing in disguise.
            Anna rang the doorbell and knocked.  The front door was unlocked, so she let herself in.  “Hello, Jake? Are you here?” Maybe she should have called first. Anna put her suitcase down and wandered around the house. Just standing in the family room brought back memories of her mother. Her Uncle Jake had family photos everywhere.  There were photos of him and Anna’s mother from when they were kids growing up on the ranch.  One of Anna’s favorite pictures was the one of her mother sitting on the swing with her dad standing over her. They looked so in love. Her mother’s death hit her dad hard and he was never the same after that.
            All of a sudden the front door flies open and three huge dogs come running through the house chasing something that Anna couldn’t see. A young man comes in chasing after the dogs. Her Uncle Jake was next in line.  They didn’t ever see her as they all ran past.  She followed the train of chaos through the house and out the back door. The horses on the ranch were going crazy as the dogs ran through the field.
            “Let ‘em go Ben. It’s not worth it,” Jake shouted at the young man chasing the dogs. Jake turned back towards the house and that’s when he saw her. “Anna? Is that you?”
            “Hey Uncle Jake,” Anna said with a smile.  “Surprise!”  Jake ran up to Anna and picked her up in a big bear hug and swung her around. They laughed as they hugged.
            “It’s been, what, ten or twelve years? How the hell are ya kid?” Jake couldn’t believe that he was seeing his niece since she was a teenager.
            “I know it’s been a long time,” Anna started, “and I’m really sorry about that.  I hope it’s okay that I’m here. I really needed to get away. Things in New York just kind of took a shit on me and…”
            “Of course, Anna. You are welcome here anytime!” Jack could see the sadness in Anna’s eyes. He knew something wasn’t right and he wanted nothing more than for his niece to be happy. Jake pulled Anna in for another hug and then headed back into the house.  “So what’s going on with you?
            “You are not going to believe the story I have for you!” Anna followed her Uncle into the house and began to recount the last twenty-four hours.

*this is an original story written by Erica not copy or distribute without her permission. thank you*

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Happy Labor Day

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Happy Labor Day everyone!
Whether you're working today, traveling today (like me), or lounging and BBQ'ing . . .
I hope you have a fabulous day!

Hello September!

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I just love this time of year. Even thought it's technically still 'summer,' September is here and fall is on the way! Fall is definitely my favorite season.  Why, you ask? I'll tell you why . . .

~ The weather is amazing. The heat will soon be gone and the cool crisp fall air will be breezing it's way to us.
~ No more humidity! My hair will remain straight when straightened and the curls won't look like a clown's wig.
~ The leaves will be turning colors. I love driving around my town in the fall. Roanoke is surrounded by the blue ridge mountains and in the fall the mountains are a million different colors!
~ Boots.  Sweaters.  Hoodies.  Jeans.  Need I say more!
~ Trader Joe's is my favorite place to go in the fall. Everything is full on fall related! I love it.
~ Speaking of TJ's - Pumpkin bread...pumpkin pancakes...pumpkin milkshakes...PUMPKIN!
~ Ginger bread...well, that's more Christmasy, but I'm still going to make it.
~ My porch is screened in now. This weekend I'm going to look for patio furniture. The idea of curling up on my porch with a blanket and reading a good book with a hot cup of tea sounds simply sublime!
~ Halloween...Carving Pumpkins...Scary Movies!

What do you love about fall?

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