The Remains of What Was

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As Emma looked up at the remains of what was left of her family's home she was flooded with what had happened only the night before. It was a nightmare she wished she could have woken from. But it was all too real. The men had come in groups of hundreds to invade the castle all because of what they thought they knew. Talk had broken out among the townspeople about her father. Talk that was not true in the slightest. They spoke about her father as if he was a monster. He was the kindest man Emma had ever known! How could they say such things? He had been taken away and she did not know where he was. How was she supposed to find him? If only her mother were still here. She would know what to do!

Flash Fiction is supposed to have a beginning/middle/end, but I had a great idea and wanted to start with this. I would love to know what you think :)

photo credit: Sonya @ Only 100 Words

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