The Bridge

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There are always so many people around. She knows that she’ll never get away. If the crowds would just part she could cross the bridge. Damn tourists. What’s so great about the bridge anyways?

“If I could just get across,” she thought.

Once she’s on the other side, then she would be safe.  

“Someone must be looking for me,” she thought.

It’s been seven days.  An APB has been put out for her, but she doesn't know that. She doesn’t know that they think she did it. She didn’t. She was defending herself. She was the victim. Then why was she running? Why not stay at the scene of the crime? She knew that no one would believe her. That’s why she’s running.

Once she got across the bridge he would help her. He would get her to safety.

The sun should be setting soon. That would clear everyone out.  Then she could get across.

Then she’d be safe.

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Photo credit: Etol Bagam

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