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My first memory of a superhero would have to be Batman. Michael Keaton's Batman, to be specific, from 1989 (I was 6 years old). I loved those movies! He was just fantastic and quirky and so cute. Val Kilmer was in the third installment and he was fine. George Clooney came along and I remember joking with my parents about him being Dr. Batman since he was still on ER at the time. Clooney and Kilmer were okay, but Keaton was the best! When I lived in Los Angeles I met Michael Keaton.  He was so nice. It made me love Batman even more after that!

In 1993 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman became a huge hit on television. I, of course, had a super huge crush on Dean Cain. For five seasons I was all about Clark Kent. I even had a crush on Jimmy the paperboy for a while there. Then all of the X-Men movies started coming out and Hugh Jackman was HUGE as Wolverine. James Marsden played Cyclops. Shawn Ashmore was in X-Men 2 playing Iceman (sooo cute) and then Ben Foster in X-Men: Last Stand. I could go on. There have been sooo many X-Men Movies!

When Christopher Nolan came out with Batman Begins in 2005 I fell back in love with Batman. No amount of Avengers, Iron Mans, Thors, or even the ever-so-handsome Henry Cavill as Superman could take the place of Batman. I think Christian Bale did a fantastic job as the Dark Knight. For me it's not Bruce Wayne. I don't care about the money and the fancy penthouse. It's the Bat. It's the suit. There is just something about the husky voice and the mysteriousness. The whole bad-boy thing. Can you blame me? Christian Bale is so handsome!

Recently my attention has been turned to the Female Superheroes. My dear friend Stephanie over at In Her Wonderland LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES Superheros. She is Wonderwoman. Her pup, Walter, is also a Superhero.

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Stephanie has totally gotten me into superheroes so much more than before. She has coined me as Supergirl! She even sent me the cutest Supergirl Lego Keychain and I love it! Now whenever I'm in a store Superhero stuff pops out at me! I found  notebook at T.J. Maxx (they have the best stuff) and I immediately had to buy it! The 'S' is all glittery and girly! Totally for Supergirl :)

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice coming out in 2016 we are finally getting a peak at Wonder Woman. She looks AMAZING!
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{full trailer here}

In October CBS has Supergirl premiering and I can't wait! Dean Cain (aka Superman) is even in 1 episode! Melissa Benoist is playing the superhero. You might recongize her from Glee as Marley. I'm really excited to have my own show for this show to start.

Who are your favorite Superheroes?

Speaking of superheroes, I'm joining my friends Mia and Stephanie (Wonder Woman) in an awesome giveway that is perfect for the photographer in your life ~ {Mug, Lens Cap, Phoneography Starter Kit} You won't be disappointed!

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