Reading: I have my Patti Stanger book on hold until I do the ‘work’ on myself that I’m supposed to.  Forgotten Garden is on my nightstand and I think I’m in chapter two. The book I’m really into right now is Along Came A Spider by James Patterson. I was at Barnes & Noble while they were having a James Patterson day, buy one of his books and get a second free, and I couldn’t pass it up. I saw the movie years ago when it first came out, but the book so far is pretty different.

Thinking about: Moving! Yes, I’m moving again :) but only upstairs. As it turns out a two bedroom/two bathroom is too big for me.  Apartment manager is super nice and letting me move to a one bedroom upstairs in my current building without any additional fees. I’m excited! No more empty rooms!

Listening: HAIM!!! They opened for Taylor Swift in Washington, D.C. and I was blown away. I absolutely love them. Check out this video of theirs. Their sound is so cool and groovy. Yes, I said groovy :)

Watching: I just finished Bloodline on Netflix (awesome and totally recommend it) and have started Damages featuring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne. I’m also going to give Sons of Anarchy a go, but Damages is winning between the two. Drop Dead Diva is still in my queue as well. I love that show!

Loving: The Whole30 Plan! I feel so absolutely amazing. (tmi) I haven’t had any gas or bloating since I started this program. I’m eating (and appreciating) fresh fruit and vegetables every day. I haven’t had a single drop of Diet Coke and not a single bite of dairy, bread, or sugar. Yup, that means no pizza! I never thought I could do it, but I’ve done it! Today is day 11 and I’m ⅓ of the way through. According to the books, this is the time that people tend to get bored and give up. I'm definitely at that point. During my first week I was craving the sugar (I even dreamed I drank diet coke one night) and this week I find that I'm craving the gluten stuff - chips, breads, etc! What I wouldn't give to sit down and just snack on a bag of tortilla chips. I'm also super grumpy today!

So tell me, what's going on with you?

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