My 1989 Experience

My most sincere apologies for delaying the joy of Taylor Swift! It was a busy weekend and this is a picture heavy post! I want to make sure you get the ‘full’ experience. Or at least as much of an experience as you can get from your computer or whatever electronic device you are using to view this.  This is going to be a long post, because of all of the pictures, but keep reading until the end. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Our day started off as any usual travel day. Mom, dad and I got in the car and headed to Washington, DC. Dad was meeting Jacob and they were going to head down to Charlottesville, VA for the Eagles Concert while mom and I were at Taylor Swift.  Dad dropped mom and me off at our hotel ~ the Mandarin Oriental ~ and that’s where it all began!

At check in, the front desk offered us jasmine green tea. So yummy! When we got to our room on the eighth floor (which has a private lounge for only the eighth floor guests...thank you for having a brother that works there!) we saw the incredible view of the Jefferson Memorial. It’s our favorite memorial in D.C.!
 photo TS 1989 26_zps6toiqoiw.jpg

 photo TS 1989 24_zpsahbcsigl.jpg
Once we were checked in and ready to go we met up with the other ladies that were joining us at the show. A friend of mine works at the Mandarin and gave me a @MO_Washington selfie stick to take to the show, so of course I had to put it to use! Thanks Ash! We had the fabulous idea to get temporary tattoos and glowing bracelets. We got all dazzled up and headed out to Nationals Stadium.   
 photo TS 1989 23_zpszvakyly4.jpg
Mom and I walked around a bit and I bought a tour book. It is awesome and was only $20!  I also got my pictures with “Taylor.”
 photo TS 1989 10_zpse1pajuum.jpg

 photo TS 1989 21_zpscqxuledb.jpg
The crowd was amazing! The show was completely sold out – 45,000 people!

Taylor has some pretty good opening bands – Shawn Mendez, Vance Joy and HAIM.  I had never heard any of their music before, but really enjoyed it. Especially HAIM. They’re this rockin’ chick band. They look like they stepped out of the 70's, but sound like they’re from the 80's. Loved it!
 photo TS 1989 25_zpssxgbbh0a.jpg

It started to sprinkle a little bit before the show started. Good thing we brought our rain jackets! Luckily we didn’t need them for long. The rain stopped and the sky was clear for the rest of the show.
 photo TS 1989 22_zpsfgrkxhxa.jpg

Here’s something that is REALLY cool.  As you entered the stadium and got your ticket scanned, each person was given a wristband.  THEY LIGHT UP & ARE SYNCED WITH TAYLOR’S SHOW!!!!!! They don’t start blinking until her set begins. She said, during the show, that the reason we all get one is so that she can see each and every person that’s out there.
 photo TS 1989 01_zpsovivrhyn.jpg

Once Taylor came on she was on point for the entire show! She is such a great performer! She sang all her songs from the 1989 album as well as some great ‘oldies’ that we all know and love. She updated the country songs to go along with her new pop sound, but you were still able to sing along. I loved that! When I saw Britney and Christina in concert I couldn't sing along to everything, because they changed the songs so much!
 photo TS 1989 02_zpsc02vxk8r.jpg
Welcome to New York | New Romantics

 photo TS 1989 05_zpsn1lqu2n9.jpg
Blank Space | I Knew You Were Trouble | I Wish You Would
 photo TS 1989 06_zpsqvmudq5n.jpg
 photo TS 1989 07_zpsfoluf0bq.jpg

 photo TS 1989 15_zps3bx36xen.jpg
I Know Places | All You Had To Do Was Stay

 photo TS 1989 12_zpsqlglc7c1.jpg
Lorde sang 'Royals' just for us! She flew 19 hours!!!!!

 photo TS 1989 08_zps34qsxxfy.jpg

You Are In Love | Clean | Love Story | Style | This Love

 photo TS 1989 11_zpstmq4drak.jpg

 photo TS 1989 17_zps4yah1r8p.jpg

 photo TS 1989 14_zpsfx5r4s46.jpg

I LOVE our wristbands! They lit up in so many different colors throughout the show – blue, green, red, pink purple! It was awesome!
 photo TS 1989 09_zpswp4unm4h.jpg

 photo TS 1989 18_zpsza11nclx.jpg

 photo TS 1989 19_zps2kn2jdqi.jpg

 photo TS 1989 20_zpsn79n2rch.jpg

 photo TS 1989 28_zps8lgdxrxw.jpg

 photo Setlist_zpsantcoyb2.jpg

After the concert we were just completely exhausted! Mom and I walked back to the hotel from Nats Stadium (about 2 miles). When we got back to the room we had an amazing treat waiting for us! My brother’s friend also works at MO (it helps to know people…especially when you’re famished) and he sent us a cheese plate, chocolate covered strawberries and water.  As I was taking pictures throughout the night I was tagging the @MO_washington and #mandarinoriental, so the Marketing/PR department had a cupcake sent up with social media icons all over it. LOVE IT!
 photo TS 1989 Post Show 07_zpsxlyim4rz.jpg
Jon's note was pretty fantastic too ~ 
Dear Mrs. and Ms. Musyt,
I hope you enjoyed the concert and you two were like "Oh my, what a marvelous tune!!!" and that you felt like you were "made of starlight!!!"  If you are in need of anything during your stay, don't you worry, "I'll be your angel giving up her (his) wings if that's what you need!!!"
Kindest Regards, Jon
do you see what he did there? with the Taylor Swift lyrics? LOVE IT! Jon's the man!

It was a pretty amazing day! We ended our D.C. trip with breakfast the next morning. Dad and Jacob had a great time at the Eagles concert and were just as exhausted as we were. As we made our way home, traveling down I-66, little did we know that the day ahead of us would not quite go as planned. 
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To be continued…
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