Let Me Love Maxi Skirt

Slap a sticker on me and call me lucky! Why? The Mint Julep Boutique reached out to me about collaborating with them for a blog post. I could not turn down the opportunity. Have you seen their website {here}? Not only is their website super cute, but they have such cute clothes and accessories!

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I chose the Let Me Love Maxi Skirt and I’m so glad that I did. I’m not usually one to wear a maxi, because I feel like a hippy in them. {PS ~ there’s nothing wrong with being a hippy...I have lovely friends who are a hippies. It’s not just my style :)} I tend to be really particular about what I wear, because I’m already curvy and I don’t want to appear larger than I am.  The nice thing about this skirt was that it was light and feminine and clung close to my body. It wasn’t too flowy, so I didn't feel like a hippy.
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Here are some pictures of me (not a model) wearing the skirt. I wore it all day and was really comfortable in it. The only thing I would change would be to add lining to the skirt. Because the skirt isn’t line, it was more sheer than I would have liked. My mom could see right through it! Haha! I noticed it when I got dressed in the morning, so I had to go from navy to light pink underwear. TMI? Sorry...haha!

In regards to their sizes, this skirt on me is an XL. Usually I tend to be a 10/12 or a Large, so I think their sizes run just a little bit smaller. There is so much variety on the Mint Julep website, though, that you wouldn't have trouble finding something to wear. I was really happy with this skirt. Plus, I can wear pretty much anything with the tan color.
 photo MJ Dress 16_zps8wfoubnb.jpg

 photo MJ Dress 14_zpsugtw24dp.jpg

 photo MJ Dress 13_zpsdrtd4n1m.jpg

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Mint Julep threw in this lovely ring for me as well {here}.

 photo MJ Dress 15_zpspu8m3exk.jpg
Do you like my selfie stick action? I think I’ve got it down now!

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