Learning From The Pain

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I haven't participated in Write or Die Wednesday in a while. When I saw this prompt it hit really close to home. Experiencing pain, whether it be physical or emotional, sucks. Mine happens to be emotional most of the time, but every now and then I stub my toe during a ‘dance party’ in my apartment. It's like the picture says, the pain breaks that shell to open your eyes to how things really are (aka...don’t have dance parties near large pieces of furniture).

I am the kind of person who likes to overthink things. I overthink things TO DEATH! Everything! I also get really emotional and cry a lot.

I have a wonderful friend, let’s call her T, who is something of a mentor to me. She gave me some great advice on getting through tough situations.  

Being honest to yourself and everyone involved is important. I tend to react quickly and that can be good at times, but can also be harmful. Sometimes I’ll say/do things to make the other person happy while not being entirely true to myself.
Each night before I go to bed I like to say my prayers. I say the “Our Father,” “Hail Mary,” and then I pray for the people in my life. The people I love, the people I miss, the people I know might be having a hard time. Sometimes I pray for people that don’t particularly like me, but I know that there must be something going on in their life that they might need help with. I’m not the powerful almighty One, so all I can do is pray.
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this is a great little prayer that i’ve started saying
I have learned, through much hard work...and still learning, to turn things over to my Higher Power.  I can’t control what other people think, feel, say, or do. I can’t control how they interpret or understand things.  All I can do is say, “God, there’s nothing I’m able to do here, I leave it up to you.” It hasn’t been easy. I’m definitely a control freak. It’s not easy to give up ‘the power’ you think you had. But that’s just it. You only think you have that power. You/I have no real power. Only He has the power!
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Even if the pain you are experiencing is so bad that you feel like you can’t move or that you feel like you could just cry forever, remember that everything happens for a reason. It sounds cheesy at times, I know, but I firmly believe that. Every situation that you find yourself in and every person that is brought into and taken out of your life is for a reason. Learn from you life and everything in it.

How do you learn from the pain you experience?

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