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We have made it to another Friday. Phew! It was a hot and muggy week here in Roanoke. How about you? I am absolutely looking forward to this weekend. It’s a long weekend for me with lots of excitement! I get to see my cousin and her baby girl and on Monday I’m heading up to Washington, DC to see Taylor Swift in concert. I’m so excited! I already know what TS merchandise I’ll be purchasing!!!

I only check my mail every couple of days and I don’t think I had checked it all week. I was surprised to see that I had a package in the mail box. Who’s sending me stuff?  My fabulous friend Mia, that’s who! She saw ladybug notecards at Target and couldn’t help herself. Love you girlie!
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Fourth of July was so much fun! I went up to Parkway Marina in Smith Mountain Lake. There was a fun band, food vendors, and a carousel. We also got airbrush tattoos. My little devil is so cute! We got up there around 5:30pm and walked around before picking a spot by the water to hang out. It was a beautiful day and the fireworks were amazing. I would absolutely go up there again for the 4th!
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This stuff seriously saved me while up at the lake! For only $0.97 at Walmart this little wrist band really works. I get eaten up by bugs and quickly too. These wristbands were amazing and I will totally be buying these again!

OMG OMG OMG! I just about freaked out. I logged into Hulu to check out what I could watch one day and I saw that they have a deal with Showtime!!!!!!!!!! Homeland Season 4 is on Hulu!!!!! I got sooo excited. I signed up for a free one month trial so that I could get it for free.  Hulu is $7.99 and then to use the Showtime aspec is an additional $8.99.  Yay for a free trial! I’ve already watched the first four episodes and will be done in no time!
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I am officially a writer!  In June I submitted a small piece to an online magazine called Holl and Lane for their movie section.  This week the editor and chief reached out and asked me if I would like to be a contributing writer to their movie section on a regular basis. Heck Yeah! I’m so excited. I’m writing about MOVIES! Check out their magazine, it’s fantastic! Issue #2 is due out in August. 
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How was your week?
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