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A few weekends ago I finally decided to go through my books and get rid of some of them. I have a lot of books! Even though I have a lot of space in my new apartment, there still isn't a lot of shelf space. I don't like clutter and all the extra books that I've already read appeared as clutter to me. I love books and I love all of my books, but what where the chances of me ever reading some of these again? That is the question I asked myself as I sorted through my treasures.

I am definitely keeping the books that I have not read (there are a lot of them) that I know I'll eventually read. Out of the books I have already read, there were a few that I wanted to keep. Some of them are just so good!

Instead of giving my books to the paperback store right away, I have decided to try and sell some of them myself. There are quite a few! All of my books are in excellent condition. I treat them like family :) I have the prices for each book listed below the picture it goes with. There's an additional shipping fee as well. If you would like to buy any of the books below, leave me a comment with your email address.

Happy Shopping!

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Second Chance: $5 | Bookends: $5 | Swapping Lives: $5 | Straight Talking: $5
The Beach House: $7.50| To Have and to Hold: $7.50 | The Other Woman: $7.50

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Divergent: $5 | Hunger Games: $5 | Fifty Shades of Grey: $5 | Fifty Shades Darker: $5 | Fifty Shades Freed: $5
Insurgent: $7.50 | Allegiant: $7.50 | Catching Fire: $7.50 | Mocking Jay: $7.50

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Katie Crouch Books hardcover -  Girl in Trucks & Men and Dogs: $3 each
Sharp Objects: $5 | Dark Places: $5 | Bridget Jones's Diary: $5 | Mad About the Boy: $5
Gone Girl: $7.50 | The Edge of Reason: $7.50

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The Maze Runner: $5 | Little Bee: $5 | The Memory Keeper's Daughter: $5
The Time Traveler's Wife: $5 | The Landgramm Affair: $5 | Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: $5
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunger: $7.50 | Sundays at Tiffany's: $7.50 | Oogy: $5

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Water for Elephants: $3 | Summer Island: $3 | Where's You Go, Bernadette?: $3
Whistling Past the Graveyard: $5 | The Book Thief: $5 | Unbreakable Love: $3

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The Help: $5 | The Promise of Stardust: $5 | Homer's Odyssey: $5 | The Giver: $5 | Joyland: $5

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Beyond All Measure: $5 | Gossip Girl: $3 | Slow Moon: $3 | Eat, Pray, Love: $5
How to Be Lost: $5 | Into the Wild: $4

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Dead Ends: $3 | Texas Jack: $3
The Other Boleyn Girl: $6 | The White Princess: $6

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An Experiment with an Air Pump: $3 | Art: $3 | Top Girls: $3 | Middle of the Night: $3
Proof: $4

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