Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

Land of the Free, Because of the Brave

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Inspired by Mom

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By now I'm sure you know that I have a very close relationship with my mom. She's my best friend! I can talk to her about pretty much anything. Some people find that weird, but for me and mom it's how it has always been. As a family we have been through some challenging times. We moved A LOT in my first 10 years of life, 5 different states, until we settled in Roanoke in 1993. For a very long time mom as a stay at home mom. When Jacob and I were in middle school, mom went back to school herself and got her degree (woohoo) and we got ice cream after her graduation! Mom is basically the glue that holds our family together and I can tell you that dad would agree!  She's one of the strongest people I know and I love her so much!  Today, she is one of my biggest inspiration as well as one of my biggest supporters!

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~ without further ado, here is my momma interview ~

You know how much I love movies, so what is YOUR favorite movie of all time and why?
“Wizard of Oz” I love everything about this production; music, stars, story line and message!  My fondest memory is during the early 60’s this movie would air on television once a year when I was little.  My mom made this an “Event” and baked chocolate chip cookies to eat with milk while watching it together! 
I love this movie too! I love everything about The Wizard of Oz. Like mother like daughter!

Looking back on your life, what are you most proud of?
Being the best daughter, wife, mother and friend I can be.   
Are you doing what you love?  
Yes, I have the best co-workers that I consider my friends.  I am also surrounded by young women in every aspect of my job.  These young women inspire, amaze and challenge me. They keep me current and make me smile. Their energy is infectious and I love watching them grow and become confident leaders.  I've witnessed their first loss, acquired their first job, marriage and first child! 
She works at a local university in the Admissions Office and is in charge of all visiting students/families.

If not, what would you rather be doing?  
If I knew then, what I know now, I would be a fitness/health/nutrition trainer for young people. 
We have moved around so much and lived in so many different places in our life. What was your favorite location that we lived in as a family?  
Roanoke, no question!  I did love Latrobe, PA because of the good friends I still keep in touch with and living in Mr. Rogers neighborhood but I love everything about Virginia and Roanoke.
Do you have any Regrets?   
I wish I would have started taking classes at the university where I work when I started in 2006.  If I had, I would probably have my BA and possibly my Masters by now!

What is your favorite memory you have of the two of us? 
#1 would be your 21st birthday trip to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion
#2 our road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back ending with brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Both of these trips were AMAZING! I had the best time with you too!!!!!

What is your favorite thing about being a mother? 
My relationship with you and your brother.  You both teach me how to have fun and laugh.

What do you wish you had more time to do?  
Travel!  There are so many places abroad I would like to visit especially Ireland, Italy, Paris and Australia.

When you were a little girl, what did you dream about being when you grew up? 
I always wanted to be an actress.  My mom put me in acting classes but it was too hard for me to be the center of attention, I was too shy. 

Who inspires you?  
Those who discover a passion and dedicate their lives to that passion!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!
Love you momma!

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10 Ways to Feel Put Together {Even When You're Not}

I love having awesome friends that help me out when I'm out of town :) Today the fabulous Shelly from Shelly's Cabaret is keeping you company. She's helping us feel more Put Together. Let me tell you, there are days I definitely do not feel put together! Shelly's post could not be more timely :) Take it away Shelly!

Let's face it. Living in today's world is busier than it's ever been. There is always something to do, something to look up (like what is a bae?), something to pin (cause grandma needs another pot holder with Timmy's little handprint), something to research (like which sushi restaurant in the area has the best Yelp reviews), something to read (like this here blog post), something to tweet (...like this here blog post), and so on. Something is on our minds every. waking. moment. and it's no wonder so many of us feel like we're climbing a mountain made of Jello.

Because we can get so distracted by all these time killers, taking real care of ourselves can fall to the wayside. Then we feel terrible about ourselves cause we're in a rut. And then we see all those awesome outfits, hairdos, nails, and made up faces on Pinterest and feel even worse cause seriously, who are these perfect people?

So what do you do when you're in a rut? How do you make yourself feel put together even when you're not?

It's simple enough: You fake it 'til you make it!

Here are 10 cheap and easy ways to feel put together even when you're not!

Accessorize. Wearing a nice, classic outfit can work wonders when it comes to the way you feel about yourself, but you don't have to have a closet full of fancy or expensive clothes. Instead, splurge a bit on accessories that will make you feel good in your simple blouse and jeans. And by splurge I mean hit up Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 and get some 2 for $10 accessories.

Get your nails did. If you're like me, you almost never get your nails done at a nail shop. That's just a luxury I choose not to indulge in unless I'm in a wedding (I've been a bridesmaid about 8 times over!), going to a super-special event, or in such a rut that it's considered a personal emergency. If you don't have the means to get them done professionally, go to a drugstore and pick up a $6 bottle of Essie Nail Polish and demand a loving friend or lover give you a mani/pedi. You need it!

Play some music. I'm talking about songs that transport you to a time when you felt like a bad-ass or songs that motivate you to get back to that.

Color or glaze your hair. Sometimes we just need something completely new, don't we? And sometimes we don't. I have a solution for both. And since this is 10 cheap and easy ways to feel put together I'm not gonna tell you to spend hundreds of dollars at a hair salon, but I am gonna make you privy to a couple of former-cosmetologist (that's me!) secrets. First, please don't go out and buy Garnier or L'Oreal hair dye to color your hair with. You can buy an affordable, professional-grade hair color called Wella from Sally's Beauty Supply. I don't recommend trying to highlight your hair on your own, but if you want to try a new all-over hair color, go to Sally's and ask an associate for help in picking a color by Wella. Second, if you're happy with your current hair color but think it could use a bit more shine, you can always apply a glaze/gloss which deposits a translucent coating on your hair shaft. You can also purchase a glaze by Wella from Sally's.

Clean out your purse. If you dig for your wallet in your purse and panty liners and receipts pour out instead, I know you're telling yourself get your act together, woman! Go home and clean out your purse, and you will feel 100X lighter after you do.

Clean out your car. I don't know about you, but it's like the person who runs the house (me) and the person who takes care of my car (me again) are two very different people. The former is a neat-freak while the later just does not give a damn. Snacks, socks (in case we go on a spontaneous trip to the bowling alley?), combs, bobby pins, old mail, water bottles...whatever you need, you can find it in my ride. Whenever my car is clean I feel like a new woman. And so can you.

Buy new undergarments. How can you feel like you're not put together when you have new, matching undergarments under your nice, accessorized outfit? You don't have to spend a lot at Victoria's Secret. Ross, Marshall's and TJ Maxx sell nice undergarments at an even nicer price.

Dine solo. If you've always preferred the company of others, this might seem scary at first. However, every woman should experience, at least once, the confidence-builder of dining alone. Put away your phone. Smile at other diners. Be with your thoughts. Be your own best friend. You'll be glad you did!

Buy a new planner or decorate an old one. How anyone lives a semi-organized life without the help of a planner is beyond me. If you don't have one, you can buy an affordable one at Wal-Mart or Target. Make it fun by using stickers, washi tape, stamps and colored pens to plan your days. You'll look forward to keeping your days organized!

Wear red lipstick. When all else fails, put on some red lipstick and see what happens.

Hi, I'm Shelly from Shelly's Cabaret! Thank you for reading my guest post here at Erica's pad. I recently made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress, changed my domain and am now trying to re-establish by Bloglovin following. If you liked what you read here, feel free to follow! I can also be found on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Cheers!

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How I Manage Anxiety in Healthy Ways

Hello everyone! Did you have a wonderful weekend? I know that I did and I'll tell you all about later this week. Right now I'm in the wonderful land of Las Vegas, so my fabulous friend Kate is here to keep you company while I'm gone. Kate's going to talk to you today about something plenty of us out there deal with on a daily basis. Without further ado, here's Kate! Take it away, girl :)

Displaying kate_headshot.png

Thank you Erica for inviting me to share my thoughts on your blog today! I'm Kate, a 20-something very-soon-to-be grad school graduate, Southern girl born and bred, aspiring PR/media somebody with a passion for writing. I blog at A Thought and a Half, which is currently undergoing some big changes, and I absolutely love it!

I'd like to take this time to talk about something that's very important to staying emotionally and mentally healthy: anxiety, and managing it safely. 

We all experience anxiety to some degree, at some point in our lives. It's natural, and it's okay to feel it. By definition, anxiety is, "a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome." Some people experience anxiety in spurts, or only when certain events are looming over their heads. But for others, anxiety is more perpetual and reaches into anxiety disorder territory. Whether your anxiety comes in spurts, or if it's something you face day in and day out, knowing how to address and handle it are keys to making anxiety manageable. 

My anxiety comes and goes, depending on the environment or situation at hand. As my graduate program comes to a close and my job search piles up, a hundred fears and worries rush through my mind every day: Will my thesis project turn out okay? Will my work be good enough? Will I find a job, let alone one that I like? How long until I'm employed after graduation? These racing thoughts have resulted in sleepless nights, which is exactly what I need in my last week and a half of grad school... 

Anxious thoughts or habits can't always be pushed to the side with ease. But I have found ways to calm myself down, for both short-term and long-term effects from anxiety. I don't proclaim these to be cure-alls, but they do help, and that's what counts. 

Deep Breathing // This is borderline cliche, but deep breathing does have its benefits. Taking 10 slow, deep breaths forces me to concentrate on my inhales and exhales, and thus slows my mind. It must be that fresh oxygen I'm bringing in. 

Exercise // It's like Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde: "Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy." Whether you do an intense weight-lifting session or take a casual stroll, getting out and moving around is a great way to clear your mind and focus on something else for a little while. 

Relaxing Scents // Lavender has become my scent of choice lately. It's well known to be calming and relaxing. I discovered the Febreeze Sleep Serenity spray bottles, which come in lavender, milk & honey, and jasmine. I spray down my bed and pillows with my lavender Febreeze, and it makes a huge difference in how I sleep. Orange is also known to be a calming scent. You can track down some essential oils, or just slice up an orange, save the skin and rind, and let that freshen up your space.

Cut Back the Caffeine // I admit that I'm a coffee addict. While I love all the articles that say that caffeine might actually be good for you, I know that's not my cue to chug a venti every morning. I really try not to drink more than two cups of coffee each day, especially not after lunchtime. At that point, I switch to tea and water. I've also really cut back on my coke consumption. I'll never say no to a vanilla Coke Zero, but I'm much better about reaching for tea or fruit-infused water instead. 

Eat Well // Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is an underrated way to manage anxiety. When I eat well, I feel good. I love fresh fruits, especially in the spring and summer. I could eat a whole quart of strawberries in one sitting and still feel light as a cloud (well, maybe). For veggies, carrots and hummus or ranch dip made with Greek yogurt is a great, filling snack. When I do eat poorly, I start feeling guilty about eating like that, which is never good. Not that I don't splurge, I surely do. But I try to limit that to special occasions. 

Look Away from the Screen(s) // I've read that you should not use any devices for an hour before you go to bed. While I'm not the best about this right now--I pretty much do homework until I go to bed--when I do give myself that break and time to cool down before bed, I sleep so much better. Once my graduate program is finished, I plan to take a little computer break. I've spent so much time with my MacBook in the last 10 months...we just need some time apart. 

Anxiety is no one's friend, but knowing how to best manage it for YOU will make everything much better. Finding what works best for YOU is key! 

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Friday Feelings V.16 ~ Piece of Me

Happy Friday Feelings!

How was your week? I had such a great week and I hope that you did too!
Today I'm feeling a lot of things ~

The local regional theater, Mill Mountain Theatre, is currently running Hairspray and it was fantastic! I volunteered for the theater and was in charge of passing out playbills. I loved being able to greet everyone as they came into the theater. When the curtain speech began I quietly climbed to the back row and took a seat. The cast was so talented and the show was wonderfully directed. If you live in the Roanoke Valley, then you should definitely get to Downtown Roanoke and check it out. It closes May 17th, so hurry!
 photo Hairspray_zpsn0sgaon7.jpg

As you read this I'll either be on an airplane headed to Las Vegas or I'm already there. I really needed to get out of town for a few days. Get away from the office and 'real life' in general. Even though the second half of this trip is for work, there are still three and a half days that are all mine! I'm going to chill out with my awesome friend Ceal and just have a great girls weekend.

I had a pretty good week with my health/fitness, so I'm feeling pretty good about this week. Even though I'll be away from home I'm not going to use that as an excuse to splurge on food that will just make me feel awful. I'm going to get my steps in every day and make smart food choices!

A week or so ago I found out that I'm allergic to the silicon that contacts are made of. Ick! This means I'll be wearing glasses a lot more often. My doctor gave me the daily contact to try out, because those would be okay for me to wear. I haven't worn them yet, as I've been saving them for Vegas. I've been wearing my glasses nonstop since my eye appointment almost 2 weeks ago.

A life long dream of mine will be coming true tomorrow night...

How are YOU feeling today? What are you up to?
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Erica's Weekly Update!

Happy Thursday everyone. It's my last day in the office for a full week. WooHoo! I leave bright and early tomorrow for Las Vegas. I'm going to have a lovely girls weekend with a friend that I haven't seen in a really long time and then three days there for work. Let's jump right into my recap of the last 7 days and see how I did with my goals.

A Few Small Goals I Gave Myself Last Week ~
    + eat breakfast every single day
I got this one! I had breakfast every single day this past week. Some days I had scrambled eggs and some days I had cereal. Sunday I treated myself to french toast!
    + eat only food I make/prepare (no eating out AT ALL)
This one didn't happen all the way. I ate out for lunch three times this week. I also ate out for dinner three times this week (one of those times was me getting a frozen pizza).
    + hit 50,000 steps over the course of the next week - 
WooHoo! I did it! I hit *52,063*22.26 miles*. I walked all the way to Cracker Barrel and then 4 more miles after that! I didn't actually walk to Cracker Barrel, but that's how far it is from my house.

A good chunk of my steps came over the weekend. Saturday I went to the Greenway and then a second walk later in the afternoon so I could hit 10,000. Sunday I walked up to the Mill Mountain Star and that was a killer! All up hill until I turned around. It was a good work out. On Tuesday I went for a walk on my lunch hour with some coworkers and that got my steps in. The rest of the time I was pretty stationary, especially at work. I would love one of those treadmill desks :)
 photo May 7-May 13 2015_zpssrzgrtv7.png

 photo Looking to the Stars Greenway and MM Overlook_zpsgjef2szr.jpg

Over all I would say I had a successful week. I decided to cancel Weight Watchers after all.  Just as I feared, I'm not tracking. The fitbit has a food tracker based on calories and I like that much better. It has you put in what you weigh, what you want to weigh, and how much you want to lose in a week. It bases your calorie allowance on the number of calories you're burning. I'm doing much better with that. I joined a Facebook Clean Eating/Plank challenge, but haven't done anything with that. Not really surprised!

On Sunday I almost contemplated not going outside at all. Knowing that I had hit 11,000 steps the day before is what got me outside. I wanted to do that again! I love seeing the big number on my phone. I love when the fitbit vibrates to let me know that I've hit the 10,000 step goal. I love it!  Turns out the fitbit was a great purchase and I'm really glad that I have it.

This next week will be a bit of a challenge in the food department, because I'll be out of town the entire time. The good thing about being in Las Vegas is that I'll be doing a lot of walking! I am going to take my Trader Joe's mixed nuts with me to have on hand. All of my meals are on my own during the work conference, so at least I don't have to worry about crazy buffets with icky options.

A Few Small Goals for the Next Week ~
     + Hit 70,000 steps. I'll be able to do this with all the walking in Vegas. It really shouldn't be a problem!
     + Refrain from eating pizza and cookies (any kind of cookie). These are my biggest problem foods. Once these go in the tummy all bets are off. Someone brought two trays of cookies into the office and I couldn't even tell you how many I ate yesterday. Diet coke is probably a problem too, but I'll deal with that when I get back from the alcohol capital of the world :)
     + Journal every day. This is really important to me. I finished my last journal and recently started a new one. The last few nights I have slept so well and I think it's because I'm not watching any television when I get home in the evening. I wash up, get in bed, write a couple pages in my journal and then read. It's been great. I've gotten up really easily (well, more easily) and been on time for work. I'll take my journal with me to Vegas and make sure to write a little bit every day.

Those are my goals for the week! Do you have any of your own?

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Books 4 Sale

 photo Looking to the Stars Books for Sale_zpscfbbndin.jpg

A few weekends ago I finally decided to go through my books and get rid of some of them. I have a lot of books! Even though I have a lot of space in my new apartment, there still isn't a lot of shelf space. I don't like clutter and all the extra books that I've already read appeared as clutter to me. I love books and I love all of my books, but what where the chances of me ever reading some of these again? That is the question I asked myself as I sorted through my treasures.

I am definitely keeping the books that I have not read (there are a lot of them) that I know I'll eventually read. Out of the books I have already read, there were a few that I wanted to keep. Some of them are just so good!

Instead of giving my books to the paperback store right away, I have decided to try and sell some of them myself. There are quite a few! All of my books are in excellent condition. I treat them like family :) I have the prices for each book listed below the picture it goes with. There's an additional shipping fee as well. If you would like to buy any of the books below, leave me a comment with your email address.

Happy Shopping!

 photo Jane Green_zps9emya3ko.jpg
Second Chance: $5 | Bookends: $5 | Swapping Lives: $5 | Straight Talking: $5
The Beach House: $7.50| To Have and to Hold: $7.50 | The Other Woman: $7.50

 photo Trilogy 01_zpsozwibmlt.jpg
Divergent: $5 | Hunger Games: $5 | Fifty Shades of Grey: $5 | Fifty Shades Darker: $5 | Fifty Shades Freed: $5
Insurgent: $7.50 | Allegiant: $7.50 | Catching Fire: $7.50 | Mocking Jay: $7.50

 photo Trilogy 02_zpssdl0ybie.jpg
Katie Crouch Books hardcover -  Girl in Trucks & Men and Dogs: $3 each
Sharp Objects: $5 | Dark Places: $5 | Bridget Jones's Diary: $5 | Mad About the Boy: $5
Gone Girl: $7.50 | The Edge of Reason: $7.50

 photo Misc Books 02_zpsas0ufwhb.jpg
The Maze Runner: $5 | Little Bee: $5 | The Memory Keeper's Daughter: $5
The Time Traveler's Wife: $5 | The Landgramm Affair: $5 | Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: $5
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunger: $7.50 | Sundays at Tiffany's: $7.50 | Oogy: $5

 photo Misc Books 01_zps1evgi5ld.jpg
Water for Elephants: $3 | Summer Island: $3 | Where's You Go, Bernadette?: $3
Whistling Past the Graveyard: $5 | The Book Thief: $5 | Unbreakable Love: $3

 photo Help Promise Homer Giver Joyland_zpscxmfhtbf.jpg
The Help: $5 | The Promise of Stardust: $5 | Homer's Odyssey: $5 | The Giver: $5 | Joyland: $5

 photo Beyond Gossip Slow Eat Wild_zpspgxhxh8k.jpg
Beyond All Measure: $5 | Gossip Girl: $3 | Slow Moon: $3 | Eat, Pray, Love: $5
How to Be Lost: $5 | Into the Wild: $4

 photo Misc Books 03_zpsqv7ftrh4.jpg
Dead Ends: $3 | Texas Jack: $3
The Other Boleyn Girl: $6 | The White Princess: $6

 photo Plays_zpsqlwy71y2.jpg
An Experiment with an Air Pump: $3 | Art: $3 | Top Girls: $3 | Middle of the Night: $3
Proof: $4

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Name Dropping

Warning: I'm about to Name Drop!

I was going through some old photos and I found a few fun celebrity moments. This first one is a classic! You watched Saved by the Bell, right? If you haven't, then get to Netflix right now! There is this karaoke bar in Burbank, CA called Dimples. It's a total dive bar! Dennis Haskins is there almost every night. You would almost think he owns the joint. He likes to hang out around the bar near the entrance to the ladies room. Yes, America, Mr. Belding is a total perve! I went to Dimples a few times, but only ever saw him the one.
 photo Looking to the Stars Dennis Haskins_zpssst1ub9i.jpg

When I was working at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel I made a lovely friend who was also a very open Hanson fan. I've been a Hanson fan since eighth grade, but always hid that fact. After meeting Katherine I realized that it's nothing to be ashamed of! About a week before I moved Katherine had tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live and she graciously asked me to join in on the fun. Hanson was schedule to perform on the outdoor stage. It was awesome! They had just released a new CD, Shout It Out, and were going to perform three songs from the new album. After their performance I grabbed Taylor and asked for a picture with him. He's still so handsome. Taylor and his two brothers, Issac and Zac, are all married with at least four children each.
 photo Taylor Hanson_zpssxll5ggh.jpg

On my last night of work at the HRH my coworkers and I went out to get some 'good-bye' drinks. We were at the Frolic Room on Hollywood Blvd, sitting at the bar being silly. A group of guys in the back of the bar were getting up to leave and one of them looked really familiar. When I realized who the guy was I started getting really giddy (I was totally tipsy). My friend Will asked what was going on. I told him that it's the guy from Hot Tub Time Machine. When the group of guys approached us on their way out Will stopped him, put his arm around him and said, "Hey buddy, have you seen Hot Tub Time Machine? Coz, my friend thinks you look like the guy in that movie" He responded with, "Not only have I seen it, I'm In It!" Yes, it was Clark Duke. He was also pretty tipsy.
 photo Looking to the Stars Clark Duke_zpsvtlodffm.png

For me, the ultimate celebrity moment was when I met my namesake. It was on April 12th, 2011. Just two days before I drove away from the west coast. My mother has been a dedicated All My Children fan since the soap opera started back in 1970. I was born in 1983 and named after Erica Kane, Susan Lucci's iconic character. Erica Kane is the face of All My Children. When you look the show up on IMDB it's her picture instead of a show poster. 
 photo Looking to the Stars IMDB All My Children_zps2nzt8kst.png
Susan Lucci wrote a book in 2011 called All My Life. The Barnes & Noble in Burbank, CA was having her a guest for a book signing. As soon as I found out about this I was there purchasing two copies of the book, one for me and one for my mom. I waited in line until the store opened to get the books and my line ticket for the signing. Later that day I returned to B&N for the book signing itself. I was sooo nervous to meet her. I've never been so nervous and I've had a conversation with Robert De Niro! As I approached the line my hands started to shake and I my throat was tightening up. I was about to meet Erica Kane!!!!! We weren't allowed to pose with her, but we could take pictures. When it was my turn to approach the table the lady behind me in line was nice enough to take some snapshots. Here's my little Erica Kane/Susan Lucci Collage ~ 
 photo Looking to the Stars Susan Lucci_zpsliewbtrg.jpg
When I handed my books over I was asked who they were to be made out to.  I said, "one for Rena and the other for Erica." I heard her publicist say, "Susan, I think we have another Erica!" I told them that I was in fact named after Erica Kane. She was so nice and sweet. I love her!

Which Famous Celebrities have you met?

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Friday Feelings V.15 - Happy Birthday Momma!

Happy Friday Feelings!

How was your week? I had a really great week at work. My new boss started and I'm feeling really good about everything at the office. It's been weird lately with lots of changes 'feelings' that people were having. After the last couple of days I'm feeling really good.

Today I'm feeling *sentimental*

Today is a very special edition of Friday Feelings, because it's my momma's birthday!

 photo Looking to the Stars Mommie_zpsgmddicy7.jpg
Isn't my momma pretty!

 photo Looking to the Stars Mommie amp Me_zpsdllpigdr.jpg
Shopping for my first Christmas tree.
 photo Looking to the Stars Moms Birthday_zpslaufesla.jpg
My mom and I have a great relationship and I'm so grateful for her.

Happy Birthday Momma!

How YOU are feeling today? What are you up to?
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4 Things I've Been in Denial About for a Long Time!

It's Thursday which means that it's time to update you on my progress. In last Thursday's post I posed the question of how to update you on my progress. I thought about screenshots of my WW Tracking, pictures of my meals (in collage of course), or something else very creative that I never thought of. Well, I didn't do any of those things. I started with the screenshots, but then I ate something I probably 'shouldn't have.' So, of course I don't want you to see that!  I've learned a few things about myself in this past week.

Things I already knew, but had yet to admit out loud to myself (aka denial)
     1. I'm not going to stick to a "Meal Plan," like ever! I can make a meal plan for the week. I can type it up, print it out, color code it, post it to my fridge, and plan out point by point what I'm going to eat for the entire week. When it comes down to it, though, I'm going to end up eating what I want, even if it's not part of the well thought out 'plan.' Even though I know that eating 'that' will not help and will not make me feel better.  Then why do I do it? Because I'm lazy. Because in the moment I think that it will taste delicious, even though I'll feel incredibly full and I'll go through the "why did I do that?" afterwards.

     2. If it's in the house I'm going to eat it. Take the Triple Ginger Cookies from Trader Joe's, for example. The other night I was just organizing my second bedroom. I decided to have a cookie. They are harmless little round yummy crunchy cookies. Just one is all I wanted. Then later I wanted another one. Then another and so on and so forth. Yesterday I took them into work, because I knew if I kept them at home that I would probably just eat them all. If it's not here, then I can't eat it!

     3. I have a really unhealthy relationship with food. I was reading Rubin's book the other day and there was a section that really stuck with me (p. 165)~
    People who feel listless and dull watch TV to make themselves feel better, then they feel listless and dull because they've been watching hours of TV. The character Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers movies makes the same point: "I eat because I'm unhappy, and I'm unhappy because I eat."
    The favorite medicine turns to poison, and temporary comfort becomes a source of more guilt, regret, and feelings of lack of control - which can lead to more indulgence in bad habits. It's a Secret of Adulthood: Make sure the things we do to make ourselves feel better don't make us feel worse.
Yeah. That part is definitely highlighted in my book! This is why I'm not good with library books. I like to highlight and take notes in the margins :) I guess you could say that I'm an emotional eater. I'm also a lazy eater, a convenience eater, an "it's there and it looks good, so i'm going to eat it" eater. I like food! It's so yummy!

     4. Leading right into my next point is this. I'm going to be really honest...I want to wake up one morning and just be in the shape/weight I want to be. Just like that. Do I know it takes actual work? Of course! Do I want to do the work? Uh, not really. I want to burn calories from sitting on my couch and crying during watching Grey's Anatomy while I mourn the death of Derek with everyone else. I want to burn calories from laughing my ass off with Mindy & Company in The Mindy Project. I want to burn calories from yelling at Papa Pope when he tries to kill off Jake (a**hole!). Is this realistic? Of course not and I know this. It still doesn't make me want to go to the gym and get sweaty, which means I have to wash my hair tomorrow after spending this morning straightening it.

I know it takes work and self control and determination. I know all of this. I mean, I paid $50 for three months of Weight Watchers hoping that it would help me feel more accountable. I bought a fitbit (we all know how much those cost) and I love it, but I still haven't been to the gym to 'test it out' like I was soooo excited to do last week when I got it.

Some Good Things From This Week...
    ~ When I eat breakfast, chances of my day being great are really good! And I mean a good breakfast - eggs, bacon, fruit, and an english muffin. My day is on a pretty good 'food track' after a good breakfast. Knowing this is a really good start for me! I know that I need to make sure that I make time for breakfast, no matter what!

    ~ I came home last night and tried on all of my pretty dresses. All of them fit except for three. That's really good! Instead of holding on to them in the hopes that they'll fit one day, I have decided to let them move on to a better home. I'm letting them go!

A Few Small Goals for the Next Week...
    + eat breakfast every single day
    + eat only food at make/prepare (no eating out AT ALL)
    + hit 50,000 steps over the course of the next week

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Pin-tastic Tuesday ~ A Little Inspiration

Looking to the Stars

Yesterday I was in a sort of blah mood. I had a headache all day on Sunday which led into a bit of a migraine. It was not fun, because then I had the 'migraine-hangover' on Monday morning. Blah! Work has been weird with so many different changes going on, so that's been interesting to deal with. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up. So, I went to Pinterest and searched the word "Inspiration." I found so great things that made me smile :)

 photo Looking to the Stars Be Still_zpsabfcnek1.jpg

 photo Looking to the Stars Lady Bugs_zpswzszux4r.jpg

 photo Looking to the Stars Always Believe_zpsqui12zni.jpg

 photo Looking to the Stars Pray Hard_zpstdcc6ujn.jpg

 photo Looking to the Stars Fairytale_zpsgnexay1p.jpg

What inspirational quotes or pictures do you love?

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