Tale of a Curly Haired Girl

When I was a little girl I had straight hair.
 photo straight hair kiddo_zpshqhtt4s8.jpg

As I grew up it got wavy and curly.
 photo wavy hair kiddo_zpszvauuht9.jpg

As an adult it's really curly in the front, but more like a limp wave in the back and underneath. I'll let it go curly/wavy when I don't have enough time or am too tired to straighten it in the morning. I also straighten it a lot. I love my hair straight. I wish I had curls like my mom's. Her's are so defined.
 photo What it Wants_zpszhc5ofer.jpg

A while ago my friend Marcy told me about a Curlyologist. My mom was really unhappy with her hair, so I told mom about the curlyologist. We drove up to Vienna, VA and had Mona at the Lofty Salon cut my mom's hair. The difference was unbelievable!

 photo Moms Hair Collage_zpssgr6jci9.jpg

We all know that a great haircut makes a huge difference. Mona isn't called a Curlyologist for nothing! She know how to cut curly hair the best out of anyone I've ever known. She trains all of her girls to cut curly hair and they are fantastic too. 

When we were up in NOVA for Easter this year my mom had a follow up appointment with Mona. My mom could see me watching Mona cut and style my mom's hair, so mom suggested that I have one of Mona's girls cut my hair. Taylor had an opening, so I got a haircut!

I've been trying to grow my hair out, but when it's curly/wavy long the weight of the hair just pulls the curl out of my hair. It doesn't curl at all. My bangs are curly, because they are shorter. Taylor suggested that I cut some length off, so I said, "go for it!"

 photo Front Before_zpshed4fn19.jpg
 photo Hair Before_zpsuhvwdglp.jpg

 photo New Haircut_zpshxrvscab.jpg
 photo After Hair_zpsidczoum8.jpg

Taking some length off and being shown how to properly style my curly hair with the right product has made such a difference!
I love it!

 photo Living Proof_zpsm2xm6vee.jpg
This is the product that they used and it is amazing! It's expensive too. The Easter Bunny got me a bottle of the Styling Cream :) The photo below is no joke. It really does help your curls so much! It's amazing and I highly recommend it for people with naturally curly hair.

 photo curly hair product_zpsa1ex4p0l.jpg

What kind of hair do you have? How do you style it?

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