Organizing My Office

Here it is, the first New Apartment post :) Aren't you excited!!!!!  I know I am!  I'm really loving my new home. I'm quite obsessed with it. I've been to Target, Walmart, and TJ Maxx a bunch of times already. The room I'm most focused on right now is my second bedroom which I'm turning into my office space. All I can think about is organizing it. On the day I moved in it was the room where everything was thrown. It looked like a tornado. I wish I had taken a picture of it! Last weekend I was able to get it a little better organized. I use the word 'organized' very loosely in that sentence.  Here's why ~

 photo Office_zps0rsje14y.jpg

My little IKEA desk and matching bookshelf are just chillin' against that wall right now. I've been toying with the idea of putting my desk against a wall like it is in the picture above, up against the window (there's a window the the left of the GREASE poster), or in the center of the room. I really want to paint the room too. I'm thinking a blue grey.  I looked up colors online and they say that blue is a calming and productive color. I like the idea of being productive!

I have been on Pinterest (come visit me) waaaaaaay too much! I'm finding tons of ideas and inspiration. These three are some of my favorite ideas. 
 photo Office Storage_zps0e2idv8f.jpg

I think I've decided to put the desk in the middle of the room like the picture on the left. I want a low storage shelf unit to go under the window. There are some bookcases that I've found online that I want to get for behind my desk. We'll see how it all plays out. I'm excited, though.

Don't even get me started on my 'library.' On move-in day mom unpacked all my books and just put them in the closet to get them out of boxes. Talk about a hot mess! 
 photo Closet_zpsm6rnqbvm.jpg

Well, I felt like it was a hot mess anyways.  I took all of my books out of the closet and sorted them. The books I haven't read were put on my desk (picture #2). Everything else went on the floor. In picture #3 I tried to group by author. 
 photo Looking to the Stars Books_zps0avaeaum.jpg

I was able to get the books 'organized' in my closet. I accidentally broke-ish the other side of the wire racks. Oops! But at least my books are more organized than before. I've got all of the ones I haven't read on the IKEA bookshelf.
 photo Looking to the Stars Books 2_zpsol4xzeji.jpg

What about you? Do you have and ideas for me?

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