I'm Going Public

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If you read my post from yesterday, then you know that I'm done getting in my own way of a healthy and successful lifestyle. As I mentioned yesterday, I joined Weight Watchers, bought a Fitbit (should be in the mail today!) and am reading Gretchen Rubin's new book Better than Before (Goodreads book page). I'm not even half way through the book yet, but I have so many things that I'm loving. Last night I read the section on Accountability.

For me, accountability is key to success. That is what makes me an Obliger. Rubin believes that there are four different kinds of people (here's the jist):

1. Upholders - people that respond readily to outer expectations and inner expectations.

2. Questioners - people that question all expectations and respond to an expectation only if they conclude that it makes sense. 

3. Obligers - people that are motivated by outer expectations, but struggle to meet inner expectations. They are motivated by external accountability. This is totally me! I have no trouble meeting deadlines at work or making sure I'm on time for something. I do have trouble setting goals for myself in my personal life (weight loss and eating habits) and keeping them.

4. Rebels - people that resist all expectations, outer and inner. They choose to act from a sense of choice and freedom.

In Rubin's Accountability chapter (specifically page 92) it is mentioned that making your goals public can sometimes help.  Today's post is my way of going public with my goals. I've rescheduled my 'weigh-in day' with the Weight Watchers program to be Thursday so, today is day 1 of my new week. Based on my current weight and what my goal weight is (130 lbs) I am permitted 26 food points per day. I'm also given an additional 49 points per week (I never did understand that part), but I really don't want to use them. Every time I exercise I receive points, but I don't want to use those either.

 photo Looking to the Stars Overweight_zpsqjjuc5qb.pngI know that some people will say, "weight is just a number. As long as you feel good, that's what matters."  I get told that all the time and it makes me want to rip my hair out.  I have two things to say to this ~
     #1 - Yes, weight is a number, but there are good numbers and not so good numbers.  I'm not trying to convince you, or myself, that I'm fat. I know I'm not fat, but according to my doctor (and I believe him) I am slightly overweight. My doctor would feel more comfortable if I were down around 140 lbs. I have blood work and joint issues that need improvement.  So, that is my first goal. My second goal is to hit the weight that I know I can and that is 130 lbs.
     #2 - The other point is that I don't feel good right now. I constantly feel bloated. I have tons of beautiful clothes in my closet that do not fit right now. And NO I will not get rid of them! I have gotten rid of tons of clothes due to the fact that they don't fit. These skirts and dresses, however, I refuse to give away.

When I was at my absolute best shape I was at 126 lbs. I was working out several times a week and was eating really well. Granted, that was 5 years ago, but I know that I can do it again. I just need to stop being lazy and get out of my own way. By making this goal massively public, I'm hoping to succeed even more.  Okay, I will now step off of my soap box!

Below is a 'before' picture. The picture itself was actually taken on April 15th at a work event I attended. The statistics to the right of the picture were taken at the beginning of April and the last time I weighed was this morning. I am going to make Thursday my "Update Day" and I will post my progress from the entire week. I haven't exactly figured out what to post as updates for you, so I would like some suggestions. Should I take pictures of each meal? Take screenshots of each WW Tracker Day and post that? What do you think? I want to make this as accountable for myself as I can. I will post a new picture every month along with new stat numbers for my waist, arm, hips, etc. The weight I will post each week.

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Here I go!!!!!!!!

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