House of Cards Season 3 :: Top 10 Moments

(don't worry...i'll use  *asterisks*)

Raise your hand if you watch House of Cards. Okay, you can put your hands down now.  If you didn't raise your hand, then shame on you! It's an amazing show. Kevin Spacey is Amazing. Robin Wright is Amazing. Molly Parker is Amazing. EVERYONE IS AMAZING! Such great writing!  I finished Season 3 this week and I cannot wait for Season 4 next year.  The second season wasn't as thrilling for me, but Season 3 totally made up for it. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen.

~ Here are my Top 10 moments from Season 3 of House of Cards ~

#10 - Seeing Claire Underwood and Catherine Durant play beer pong was awesome! Especially still all dressed up from a State Dinner. Loved it!
House of Cards S3 #10 photo 6_zpsfymt7ovn.jpg

#9 - I was so sad last season when Freddy lost everything. Seeing him in the 4th of July line for AmWorks broke my heart. Frank Underwood might be a bastard, but at least he got Freddy a better job than washing dishes.
House of Cards S3 #9 photo 2_zpsd9qbu86l.jpg

#8 - This scene was super uncomfortable...for Alexi anyways. Claire really does have so much power, but it's a shame that people don't realize it. I loved how uncomfortable Alexi was in the bathroom with her. It was fantastic! You go girl!
House of Cards S3 #8 photo 5_zpsfesoyazs.png

#7 - They thought that by kicking Ayla out of the press room they'd be 'safe.' In comes Kate Baldwin with even bigger balls than Ayla. This was a great moment when you see Frank stir in his own shit.
House of Cards S3 #7 photo 7_zps1okwnbmc.png

#6 - You know Claire is unhappy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. When she gets woozy from giving blood and spills out how she truly feels to Thomas Yates, it's something that is irreversible.
House of Cards S3 #6 photo 9_zpsgg4cuh9t.png

#5 - Heather Dunbar announces her run for President. Eat that Frank Underwood. I would vote for her over you any day!
House of Cards S3 #4 photo 8_zpsxnpngekh.png

#4 - Even better, Jackie Sharp endorses Dunbar. She screwed Frank. But then again, Frank screwed her big time. Don't f*** with the ladies. We watch out for each other, even if we're enemies. That's how we do it!
House of Cards S3 #5 photo 3_zps2ca3uqfo.png
I love Molly in the role of Jackie Sharp. I worked with her, as her stand-in, on Swingtown when I lived in Los Angeles. She is very talented and I'm so glad that she's found a show that is great for her. I hope she's in future seasons of House of Cards. Maybe Dunbar will appoint her to something big so that we can still see her (if she wins that is)!

#3 - This is my little Doug Stamper montage. As a sober person, I would never wish a relapse on anyone, no matter the consequences. However, this is FICTION and Doug is an A**HOLE, so I'm glad he got his shit all messed up. He deserved it. Part of me really felt sorry for Doug this season. Frank pretty much brushed him off and ignored him. When Doug went to work for Dunbar I was so excited and hoped that Frank would really get it. Come to find out that Doug is just obessed with Frank.
House of Cards S3 #3 photo Doug_zps9q94rjpu.jpg

#2 - Can we all say it together: "FRANK UNDERWOOD IS A CLOSETED GAY MAN" Goodness gracious! Part of me really wanted something to happen in this scene with Frank and Thomas. I really wanted Claire to walk in on them. Frank can't even f**k his wife while looking her in the eye like she demands. No wonder he was so into the threesome with Meechum last season.  Frank and Meechum probably have a little thing going on on the side there in the White House.
House of Cards S3 #2 photo 4_zps0hqozbqx.png

#1 - Women everywhere are cheering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Claire is leaving Frank. This is the very last moment in season three, so we'll see where season four begins. I really hope she sticks to her guns. It's going to make his run for 2016 Presidency very interesting. Frank deserves every ounce of hell that he gets.
House of Cards S3 #1 photo 1_zps9mymqgie.png

I did warn you about spoilers, so if you read this w/o finishing season three it's your own fault. House of Cards brings out the potty-mouth side of me, so apologies there. Although, I did warn you about that too.

*Happy Wednesday*

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