My Nails + Winter = No Bueno!

Are you having the same problem that I am? This winter weather is doing bad things for my nails and hands all together. It's already tough, because I wash my hands so much. I already keep hand lotion in my car, my purse, my desk at work, and by my bed. I have started getting manicures and pedicure regularly now, but Julep has some great advice that you can do at home.
1. Clip & Shape
Even though I get regular manicures I still like to clip and shape my own nails. Sometimes I leave the salon with crooked nails and I hate that! Julep's nail files are fantastic {found here}. 

2. Cuticles Be Gone
You should soak your nails before attempting any cuticle removal. I totally suck at this part and leave it all up to the lovely ladies at the salon I go to. However, Julep does have some great products - Vanish Cuticle Softner and Remover {here}

3. Give 'Em A Nudge
Once you've removed the necessary cuticles, then you want to use either a cuticle pusher {here} or an orange wand. This small step makes all the difference!

4. Clean Up Time
Buff and nip the rest of the hang nails or any pieces that need trimmed. You can use this tool here to clean up under your nails. Get all that icky stuff outta there! This is also a good time, too, to exfoliate. I have the Glycolic Hand Scrub {here} and I use it about once a week. It's especially helpful during this winter weather.  I love this stuff!
5. Extra Oomph
Julep's Oxygen Nail Treatment {here} is great to help strengthen your nails. You can use it once or twice a week.

6. Moisturize Often 
Always always always moisturize! I'm using hand lotion after every time I wash my hands. Something that will help your cuticles is Julep's Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum {here}.

Now it's time to decorate!!!!! Julep has amazing colors. You can check out their new colors here. Below is a swatch of some of their fabulous colors. I love the Shari color, don't you?

Have fun and remember to take care of your hands!

 All material © Erica Musyt