Friday Feelings

Dating is so much fun, isn't it? All you married ladies are lucky to not be out there in the dating world anymore. Especially when no one knows how to actually date anymore. I miss the dating that was in high school (God, I never thought I would say that). The boy actually called you to ask you out or came up to in the hallway. Granted, the hallway part doesn't really happen anymore since I'm far from being in school.

What happened to proper courting? These days it's Facebook messaging or texting. I found an article on Facebook - 14 Steps To Create Honesty in a Dishonest Dating Culture. It's actually really interesting and has a lot of good points. The third point is what I'm talking about:
3. It’s time to power down.
Everything these days is done through a device of some sort. Entire relationships are started through text before we ever even meet one another face to face! We chat back and forth and exchange photos of one another until one of us is brave enough to suggest getting together.
He texts a picture of his car so we know which one is his when we come down from our place to be picked up (remember when they used to pick us up at the door? I digress). Now it’s on to a mutually agreed upon place where we sit across from one another and can hear crickets chirping. Suddenly we realize that we really have no idea how to interact face to face and there is no emoji for real life dating.
It’s time to put down the device and begin to have more face to face interaction or at the very least talk to one another on that device. We need more communication that isn’t entirely predicated on words floating across a screen. It’s time to disconnect so we can reconnect.

With all of that said, here are some someecards that I made and found that fit how I'm feeling today. Enjoy ~

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