Friday Feelings V.1 (officially)

I am feeling great today! I had a great week!  WooHoo! It's amazing how letting things go, emotionally speaking that is, will lift you right up! This is my third Friday Feelings post and I've been getting such great responses from the first two that I decided to create a Friday Feelings Link Up!  I hope you join in and share how fabulous, sad, happy, confused, anything that you're feeling. I've found such a wonderful support system through blogging that I hope you can too. 

{1}  Last Friday I talked about the 'third date.' Well, I haven't heard from him all week, so I can tell, officially, that He's Just Not That Into Me. Thank you Greg Behrendt!

This book really did change my life back in 2005 when I read it for the first time. It's amazing! I first read it after a really bad breakup with someone that I thought I was in love with. Turns out I was just another notch on his belt. As I read through the book I saw that everything pretty much  resembled what I'd just gone through with this guy. He was quite the a**hole!  :)

Now, granted, when I'm infatuated it's very hard for me to remember these 'rules' about how guys are. If he's not texting me, why can't I just text him? To quote my friend Matt again, "Whatever happened to the chase?"  Okay, okay, I won't text him until he texts me. Haha! I have so many pages in this book marked and highlighted and corners folded down. It's definitely a book a tend to pull off of the bookshelf when I need a good reminder! I'm sure you are sick of me talking about this, so I'm going to change the subject!

{2} Another reason that I'm awesome today, is because my awesome brother came through with a hotel room in Las Vegas for me! He works for the Madarin Oriental Hotel company. I'm going to Vegas in May for work and I'm flying out the weekend before the conference to spend some time with a dear friend that I haven't seen in a long long time.  I haven't been to Las Vegas since 2010 when my brother took me out in style for my 27th birthday!  We had an awesome time and I will never forget it. I even made a little scrapbook of our trip for me and one for my brother. It was awesome!  I'm not usually a pool person, but I will have no problem laying out by the pool at this hotel. C ~ I hope you're ready, because we are going to be living in style for 2 nights :)

{3} It's a good thing I just got myself a trainer at the gym. Especially with this fabulous pool in my near future. I meet with him for the first time this evening. We are going to talk about my goals and scheduling. In May of last year my doctor told me that he wanted me down around 140 lbs. I was at 164 and I'm currently at 155, so I'm making progress. Granted 7 of those pounds are from the kidney stone situation back in September, but I'm still on my way. I can tell that Bobby is going to be awesome just from what other people at the gym have said. He's also a CrossFit trainer and teaches the Crossfit classes at the gym. Let's do this!

{4} Mom is finally feeling better! She even had a buckeye for dessert this week on more than one ocassion. That's progress!

{5} I have adjusted my budget and will be getting my own apartment in April! Mom is sad to hear this. She's going to miss me being at home. But at least this time I'm only 20 minutes away as opposed to 4 hours! Plus, I'll have cable and mom will come over to watch Orphan Black with me.

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What are you feeling like today? Anything happening in your life that you want to celebrate or rant about? Link up below and share.

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