Friday Feelings V.2

Welcome to Friday Feelings V.2 :) I'm glad you could stop by. How does it work, you might ask? It's quite simple. You can write about however your week has been, what you've been feeling lately - happy, sad, excited, etc. If you need to vent or rant, go for it! It's all about how you are feeling!

I hope you had a wonderful week. I'm know I'm ready for this weekend, that's for sure!  I bought training sessions at my gym, because I wanted to get into shape and learn new things and all that fun stuff, right? Well, Bobby (my trainer) is kicking my a**! Yesterday was our 3rd session. I did arms on my own on Tuesday, so yesterday he did legs with me. Yeah, I'm sore. I can barely move my right are. I  know my legs are hurting!

~ This is how I feel today ~ also a CrossFit trainer! God help me!

This is my mom the next day...well, today!

Looking to the Star

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