Childhood Memories

A lot of my earliest memories are from when my family lived in Naperville, IL.  My brother fell off (I did not push him) the swing set and had to get stitches. My mom threw my dad a 30th birthday party... don't ask!  We had a red house and our neighbor had a swimming pool that we swam in during the summers. That was fun! Some of my memories also include when my brother and I attended preschool at Hobson. The picture above is the front entrance to Hobson. Isn't it cute!

I loved that school. I remember the big open play room and the cubbies where we kept our jackets and bags. I also remember a boy named Christopher. I caught him talking to another girl in the cubbies and broke up with him. Haha! Oh when we were young. The most vivid memory I have of Hobson involves little yellow insects that have black stripes and a big ol' stinger!

We were at the school on an off day, because my mom was attending a meeting. I don't remember if it was a PTA meeting or if she was a volunteer or something. My brother and I were playing on the play ground and we saw this 'ball.' I think my brother and I remember this part differently, but I remember thinking it was a basketball (or soccer ball) and he kicked it! Out fly all of these bees. Lots and lots of bees!  We were freaking out and screaming. My mom came rushing out. When we got home Jacob and I were stripped down and put into the tub. We had welts all over us. I hate bees.

I will never forget that! It was crazy scary. Today when I see a bee in the house or even in the yard I run the other direction like it's a giant swarm. Just one little bee is all it takes!

What are some of your earliest childhood memories?

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