'Tis the Season

Alyssa over at Ten Feet Off Beale gave me the idea for this post. She did one on Monday and I loved it so much I wanted to do one for myself!

Tis the Season for Christmas cookies - every year mom and i make our butter cookie cutouts and i'm totally craving cookies right now, so we'll probably be making them very soon!
Tis the Season for decorations and lights - Downtown Roanoke had their Christmas Tree lighting last weekend and this weekend is the Christmas parade. The first three Fridays in December are Dickens of a Christmas and I definitely want to go. Seeing everyone dressed up like Charles Dickens era and it's so much fun!
Tis the Season for Holiday movies - I have already watched White Christmas two or three times. Elf, Little Women, & National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. So many more left to watch!
Tis the Season for wool socks and hot cocoa - Definitely hot cocoa and warm jammies!
Tis the Season for Christmas parties - so far no parties, but I'm okay with that. I'd rather be cuddled up inside where it's warm.
Tis the Season for carols - I'm obsessing over Kelly Clarkson's Christmas CD as well as Pentatonix.
Tis the Season for creating memories and traditions - We've already celebrated St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. Dad and I will do Luminaries, so that Santa can find his way to our home!
Tis the Season to spend time with family - Well, I'm living with mom and dad, so I've got the family thing pretty down pat! Jacob is coming home for Christmas, so the entire family will be together!
Tis the Season for ribbons and bows - We need to buy some wrapping paper!
Tis the Season for Christmas cards - Mine are already in the mail and they are so cute!
Tis the Season for overeating - Me...? Overeat on sweets and cookies...?
Tis the Season to be busy - Busy with my new job and really enjoying it! 
Tis the Season to remember what this is all about - Absolutely! I love my family! xoxo

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